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About me

Be Stylish! appeared because it was needed – plain and simple. Today’s modern man, in order to be certain of his success in any area of his life, needs to be in a continuous development. He has to start on a journey that lasts a lifetime. This journey never ends because there is no perfection, only in our minds.

It all started from an idea. From an idea and from the desire of making something great, something that lasts. The internet is full of useless information, that is both impractical and erroneous.

However, in order to make something durable, something that will be a reference point for the generations to come, is not easy. In order to make it, you have to have passion, you have to work hard and you must do it all in style.
If there is one thing that I want you, as a reader, to get from this website, it is this: TEST. Test outfits, test colors, test different styles. Itțs the only way to get to where you want to go.

The Goal

What I’m trying to achieve by writing all this content is to help you create a strong sense of style with minimum effort. I’m sharing not just from my experience but also from that of other people I’ve come in contact with… so you can look and feel good in your own skin, all day, every day.

Most Image Consultants Are Downright Expensive

Get this: image consultants usually tax hundreds of dollars per hour for a personal consultation. Moreover, the impose the meeting to have a minimum length. I’m giving you that whole body of knowledge that they have for a lot less, most of the times for free.

Is This For You?

Let’s make something very clear: Be Stylish! is not for everybody. Style is not a rigid set of rules that one must follow but the exact opposite. It teaches you how dress differently, how to stand out from the crowd.

Many of you are already on a journey to finding the woman or women that you desire. i won’t give you dating advice but I will give you the winning edge, an edge that will make you more sexually attractive, more pleasant to be around, higher social status and access to higher status women.

However, if you’re not interested in your personal image, if you don’t GET this stuff, it’s best to just close the window and leave the site.

Why? Because you won’t understand a thing from what it’s written here. Your system of values (what you think is important in life) is very different that mine. But there are people who understand why style is important and want and need info about how to improve themselves.

I’m writing FOR THEM. I’m not here to claim that I found the magic pill to success but I’m 100% certain that taking care of yourself and wearing stylish clothes can be like a STEROID for a great life.

George Lazăr

founder of BeStylish.org

I got hooked on style in 2008 when I saw with my own eyes how drastically it changed my life. Most of what I have right now I owe to men’s style, not because it put everything on a silver platter but because it made it easy for me to get what I want from life.

I wrote several men’s style books, I printed them and I took the most important one on local TV to show it. Passion is contagious and can change lives. I’m sure I can change yours if you stick around this site long enough.

If you wish to contact me, please do so at:

Your Image Consultant,

George Lazăr