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Piercing Ideas For a Masculine Look

weird piercing

Even since the dawn of time, piercing has been practiced in many cultures . Nose, ear, lip, tongue and genital piercings have a long tradition with Karen and Indian people, African tribes and Australian aborigines. In the west, it wasn’t popular until the 50’s – 60’s, but now it’s an industry.

In the next article I will show you ideas of piercings to get a masculine look…

But first, I want to show you one of the crazies piercigns I ever saw in my life. If your sole purpose is to wind up in the Guiness Book, you can try something like this:

^^ Funny, right? 🙂

Ok, enough joking around… Let’s analyze some of the most common piercings.

Facial piercings

The Upper Cheek Piercing

This is a surface type piercing. It goes in your cheek, more precisely over your cheekbone, making an oblique angle with the eye, below the eye socket.

photo: piercingtime.com

Some people prefer curved barbells (they’re called so because they resemble your average barbell from the gym)

photo: montanabodyart.com

The distinct shape has earned them the name of tears, or teardrop piercings

The Nostril Piercing

Another common piercing is through the nostril. While this was popular in the 90s, there are still men who prefer this.

Lip Piercing

photo: happynews.com

Bridge Piercing

The bridge piercing passes horizontally through the skin at the top of your nose bridge. Usually, a straight, curved or staple barbells are used, unless it’s being done shallower to allow the wearing of a smaller ring.

There should be a warning here. One should choose an experienced piercer. The lack of loose skin on the pierce spot could lead to scarring, migration and a longer healing time. For those who don’t know, migration is the process in which the body rejects a foreign object inserted into it. When we get a piercing, our body will start pushing it out.

photo: justpiercings.com

If done correctly, as in the above picture, it will give you an aggressive look.

Eyebrow Piercing

Those pierces are generally perpendicular on the eyebrow’s ridge. Jewelry is usually 18ga to 12ga, rings or curved barbells.

photo: sodahead.com

Ear piercings

There are a ot of piercings that one can put in his ear. If you’re looking for something more discrete, a small piercing in one of your ears will be enough. There rest of your avatar can be completed by dressing stylishly.

Here’s a really cool example:

If you’re looking for something edgy, how about a flesh tunnel (which is, by the way, pretty popular)? This type of piercing has its origin in a few African tribes who used to wear them. Also, these were somewhat popular in ANcient Egypt as well.

Surface piercings

Knuckle piercing

This is for all the bad asses out there. It consists of three (or even more) slightly curved barbells (3/4 inches to 1 inch) in between the knuckles. The biggest problem in healing is that the jewelry has a tendency to get caught in pockets.

Prayer Piercing

Piercing through the outer rim of the hand.

The prayer piercing, aptly named in accordance to its placement, is a surface piercing done through the outer edge of the hand. When both hands come together, we have the image of a preacher.

The problem with this piercing is that it’s susceptible to infection.

Sternum piercing

This piercing is done by punching it on one side and taking it out on another side of the same flat part of the skin. In this case , on the skin which covers the sternum, because it’s a flat area of the body, with no curves.

In order to decrease the chance of rejection, flexible jewelry is being used, the downside being the fact that it’s less reliable than the surface bar.

The latter ones are one of perhaps the best and only proper jewelry for healing surface piercings because its perpendicular design was based on optimizing the body’s healing process.

photo: bmezine.com

And now, I’ve saved it last, the most common, easy to heal, piercing out there :

The tongue piercing

photo: examiner.com

This piercing is done vertically, through the first half of the tongue. The first thing that comes to mind, is that it’s useful for oral sex. It even has spun the debate, on the placement. Near the tip of the tongue for men giving oral sex to women, and farther back for women giving men oral sex.

As for jewelry, in most cases 14ga or 10ga will do just fine, straight barbell. Some would prefer a smartie bead, like in the image below.

photo: bmezine.com

As for the caution part, only 2 reasons can prevent you from getting one of those:the large number of veins in the tongue and the frenulum below the tongue. The latter one can be hurt badly by the pierce, causing pain and discomfort.

Ok, that being said, my advice is first of all to really think about this. Do you really want a piercing? If you do, you need to think long and hard about what you’re going to get and explore all the options thoroughly. Lastly, you want a pro doing this as this is not something to joke around with.

Are you thinking of trying one of these?

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