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6 Professions That Allow You to Express Your Stylish Fashion

Fashion doesn’t have to be limited to how you express yourself outside of work, it can be something that brings you closer to what you do for a living. Men and women who enjoy fashion and using their style to express their creativity don’t want to wait until a night out or the weekend to wear something fashion-forward.

Style is something that helps describe a person’s personality and physical image. You can determine many things about a person by what someone chooses to wear to work.

We know for fashionistas, dressing nice doesn’t end after your first interview but continues every day of the week.

Fashion Merchandising

There’s a balance between business and fashion and this is where fashion merchandisers work. Keeping up with fashion and trends and advising fashion houses to bringing a certain type of style to create make fashion merchandisers the important link to the consumer world.

This allows you to express your own style daily as what you wear determines what kind of job you will do with clientele. You will most likely be judged by your own style when working this career because clients will expect that style to show when you’re merchandising their stores or advising their house.

Obtaining a degree in fashion and merchandising opens doors to many positions in careers dealing with fashion. While there is a necessity for having a fashion background, business is also an important factor in the result of owning a fashion business or boutique.

Obtaining a degree in fashion and merchandising opens doors to many positions in careers dealing with fashion.


In advertising, you are selling your image so it is important to show your stylish creativities. Although this career requires a more professional dress, it should be easy to incorporate your style to add personality to dull colors and monotonous routine.

You have more room to be expressive when working in fashion advertising, which sells ads to fashion magazines. In this field, you could take on different positions like being a director and decide clothing and accessories, or decide places to advise by being an ad buyer.

Design and Photography

Home design and interior design require a certain amount of style to be successful. This field is directly linked to fashion and trends. Graphic design is another career for someone who enjoys playing around with designs, patterns, and colors. All design careers have a minimum education requirement of 2 years associate’s degree. Paying attention to detail of styles and trends makes a fashion-forward designer.

Photographers are required to focus on the visuals of reality and make what colors, patterns, or angles look the way they want. Being able to find certain colors and contrasts is a skill that not everyone has. A stylish person may have this capability considering the focus that is placed on what matches, clashes or works together.


Modeling is another career choice that first comes to mind when thinking about stylish careers. Most models have style, whether they’ve been influenced by designers or have always had a sense of style. This is the perfect job to showcase how funky or quirky your style can get and get praise for it. Don’t pursue this career by only thinking of the money, think about the other benefits that come with it.

There are rumors that models constantly receive free clothes, and it’s somewhat true. While some designers want the models to simply model their clothes, others may want the model to keep it as a gift. If you want to solely focus on fashion and wearing fashion, this career choice will fit you.

If you want to solely focus on fashion and wearing fashion, this career choice will fit you.


You may only think of apparel in the medical field to only consist of lab coats and scrubs, but it is not the case as many professionals express their styles when working. Psychologists have the freedom to wear what they’d like without the clashing of a lab coat or business attire limitations.

Studying behaviors in someone depend on physical attributes like their style and what clothes they wear, and mental tendencies. Jobs in medicine and therapy pay attention to clothes as our choices impact not only our own emotions but those around us.


Being a stylist of any kind requires a sense of fashion and dress. From styling hair to styling clothes, you have the absolute freedom of expression when it comes to what you want to look like. There are very few limitations on how a stylist can design something, so imagine what it will be like with no limitations on clothing. Many professions can be defined as stylists:

  • Makeup artist
  • Personal stylist
  • Costume designer
  • Hairstylist
  • Fashion stylist


George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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