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Which Men’s Jacket Is More Attractive?

On a cold weather, during the spring and autumn, you have to wear a jacket. Made from a vast range of materials, in a variety of models and colors, it’s impossible not to have one in your wardrobe.

Some jacket models firmly maintain their position against new fashion trends, like leather jackets; others, although not very fashionable, like quilt, sport or classic cloth jackets, are preferred due to their coziness, and other jackets come or go out of fashion, suffering more or less style changes, like denim jackets.

The choice of a jacket depends very much on each person’s style and personality and on the situation you wear it. It’s impossible to buy a proper jacket for all occasions.

However, there are a few aspects you can guide on when choosing the perfect type of jacket for you:

– Freedom of movement. The jacket shouldn’t restrict your movements in any way. But don’t buy a jacket two size larger to be sure of that. Try also to avoid unisex products. Try on the jacket by raising your hands and bending to make sure it isn’t uncomfortable for normal movements.

– Heat comfort. The jacket you chose will be more or less warm, depending on its model and the fabric it is made of. It’s a sure thing that the jackets which offer you protection against coldness will be larger and heavier. There are also synthetic linings specially designed to offer an increased heat comfort with a small amount of volume and weight, but you have to be ready to pay more for those.

– Weather fastness. Many jackets are made from weatherproof exterior materials. When you want to buy a jacket for long term outside activities, choose an adequate model, with elastic or knitted cuffs and welt.

– The hood. When you choose a hood model don’t forget that its purpose is to retain heat, so make sure it fits your head and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

– The zipper. If you chose a zippered jacket, make sure the zipper is a quality one, and its ends are insulated (usually with fabric) to keep the coldness away.

– The pockets. They have two purposes – to keep your hands warm and to hold other objects inside. Therefore well-lined pockets are welcomed. Check whether they have a closing system you can count on.

Here you have a few of nowadays in wear jackets:

Classic jacket

It’s perfect for not very cold days and the favorite jacket of those who prefer a more elegant style. You can wear it over a suit or over a casual outfit.

It can be made of various materials: cloth, tweed, viscose and synthetic fibers combinations that give its dress.

Among classic established colors like black, dark gray, brown, etc. cherry is another color in the headlines.
A great advantage of this jacket is the fact that it can be very ingeniously accessorized with various scarves, and bags.

The leather jacket

The leather jacket is a special kind of jacket which was borrowed from sport, namely from motoring. It was born from the necessity of creating a jacket from a resistant material that could protect the body from various factors like: external heat, rain, wind, and possible crushes and slipping on the ground.
We meet in wear the leather jacket which keeps sport connotations although sometimes it is made in a more classical style.

The leather jacket can be long or short, made of leather or suede leather, fabric or fur-lined. Thus, one of its most appreciated qualities is the increased heat insulation.

To realize this type of garment, a very expensive raw material and an adequately manufacture is needed. That’s why its price is higher than for other types of jackets. You’d better by this type of jacket from specialized, reliable stores, where you can receive indications about how to provide its maintenance, because they have certain particularities, depending on the model.

As a typical article of clothing that doesn’t escape observation, the leather jacket is not suited for all occasions, and it isn’t an advantage for all silhouettes. If you decide to buy such a jacket, make sure the model you choose is advantageous for your physical shape and be prepared to pay for it more than for another kind of jacket.

As for the colors, beside black which is always in wear for this kind of jackets, “natural” colors like brown or beige are always holding the field. In wear tendencies recommend the renunciation to excessive zippers and pockets.

The denim jacket

This jacket comes back in force after a period when it was ignored by designers. The classic style and the slightly shaped one are now in fashion.

However, don’t forget that the trial of combining the denim jacket with jeans can be fatal, especially when you try variations on the same color shade. The simplest variant is to wear the denim jacket with black trousers.

The Parka

Inspired from the Inuit clothing, this piece of outwear has the advantage of keeping you very warm during the cold season, and also very comfortable. Although it’s slightly over-sized form doesn’t make it an article that seems to face the fashion trends, its indisputable qualities maintain it in the pipeline. Another factor that probably keeps it in fashion is its embracement by the representatives of musical trends like hip-hop.

The models with fur-trimmed hood in white, pearl, gold or regular colors like navy, purple or khaki are preferred.

It goes perfectly with jeans, even if they are wider, with sport shoes, and as accessories the most favorite are foulards, woolen caps or bonnets.

These kind of jackets, especially more massive models, are recommended only for the well-proportioned men.
If you’re willing to do some experiments, try wearing it with a suit. Be very careful, though: parkas are the last thing most style experts would recommend in such situations.

Make sure your suit is modern, slim-fit and that the parka color matches perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Military jackets

As soon as the vintage style was readopted, the military jacket made its appearance again, fitting perfectly into the urban landscape. Its specific elements are the shoulder boards, metal buttons and chest patched pockets. Its main colors are the original colors of this style, that is, khaki, green, dark gray and navy. But for eccentric people there are also more color options.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based between the UK & US he enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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  1. Jacob September 14, 2010

    Personally I like the Military jacket it adds a new twist on things.

  2. Doyle Man October 13, 2010

    @ Jacob,
    Yea the military jacket definitly is in style now days. I actually have one on right now:)

  3. Amir December 29, 2010

    Hi again,
    after reading ur ebuk i have understood some more styling fundas. Thanks to you. Now last winters i have bought myself a tweed navy blue blazer. So on a party that too last year i put it with an shirt and blue jeans with shirt untucked so that a little shirt might appear from the below level of my blazer making it appear as layering example. Now after that party the whole winter we didnt have any party so the only big investment i made at that time was at huge loss because on every weekends i was having nothing to wear for any casual outing except that blazer. Now ofcourse (correct me if i am wrong on this) i cannot wear that blazer as it would look inappropriate in any casual outing. There is one more thing that i realized this year summers that i look 10 times better in a shirt than a t shirt. And the same thing i am realizing in winters also. After seing david beckham and zac and timberlake i tried wearing shirt and cardigans/jumpers and secondly i try wearing a tshirt with a cardigan. Believe me shirt was making me look hotter. So now i am working on shirt and jumpers/cardigans with jeans and casual shoes and sometimes boots like beckham. Now the problem is that i dont know what jacket to go for. The temperature here dont go below 5 degrees so overcoats will not make any sense. Last time i put on a white shirt with a blue jumper with shirt untucked making it a casual … With jeans and casual shoes. The were only 3 color used white, blue and black with no design. Kindly suggest which jacket will look stylish.


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