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Are You A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant In Turkey?


Hair loss is a common problem among men and even women, usually as a result of one’s genes, age, or stressful lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many options nowadays for hair transplant surgery. If you qualify as an ideal candidate, there are a variety of procedures you can avail of to combat hair loss and restore your self-confidence.

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You should be above 18 years old.

Hair transplant surgeries are generally safe and done as outpatient procedures. However, clinics conducting such procedures usually require that you’re at least 18 years old before you undergo a hair transplant.

If you’re younger than 18, your hair growth may not yet be fully mature. Hair surgeons need to know what your hair loss pattern is, and this isn’t possible to fully determine when you’re still young. You may be suffering from premature hair loss, which means you’ll keep on losing hair as you grow older.

If you get a hair transplant at a young age, you may need more procedures as you grow older to compensate for continuing hair loss. Experts suggest that you should be over 30 years old to benefit the most from a transplant procedure. By this age, your hair loss pattern can be more easily determined, and your transplant will have greater chances of looking natural even as you age.

If you get a hair transplant at a young age, you may need more procedures as you grow older to compensate for continuing hair loss.

Your scalp should be healthy, as well as the rest of your body.

You qualify for hair transplant procedures when your scalp doesn’t have any diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis or alopecia. If you have alopecia, your immune system targets the hair follicles on your head. This causes your hair to fall out in small patches. Moreover, alopecia causes you to have insufficient donor hair supply. This disqualifies you as a good candidate for a hair transplant.

You should at least be enjoying a good measure of overall physical health to undergo transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is a regular medical procedure, and doctors will check that you don’t have existing conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. Although these conditions don’t automatically disqualify you, such illnesses require you to take maintenance medications that may have adverse effects on your hair transplant surgery. Be sure to discuss your health concerns with your attending physician, as well as with the clinic surgeon you plan to work with.

Hair transplantation is a regular medical procedure, and doctors will check that you don’t have existing conditions such as diabetes or hypertension

Your scalp should be flexible enough for transplantation.

One of the minimum requirements for a successful procedure is the flexibility of your scalp. If your scalp is loose, surgeons will be better able to insert new hair follicles into your scalp. You may not qualify for the procedure if your scalp is very tight.

Your terminal hair follicles should be sufficiently thick.

For you to be a good candidate, your terminal hairs or healthy hair strands should fall within the calibre range of at least 60-84 micrometers. This is the cross-section measurement of normal hair follicles. Your terminal hairs have to be thick enough because these are what will be transplanted to your balding area. You need thick follicles to achieve a well-covered head of hair. At your initial consultation, your doctor will assess your hair calibre.

The color of your hair should be close to the color of your scalp.

Ideally, both the color of your hair and scalp should look almost the same. For example, light-skinned blond men are better candidates for hair transplants as their hair strands blend quite well with their scalps. It’s easier to cover up bald spots sufficiently with fewer follicle transplants in such a case.

You must have enough funds to pay for and complete all procedures needed.

Before you even take the first step in hair transplant surgery, you have to set aside the sufficient amount for the entirety of the treatment. When you meet with your doctor, ask for all possible expenses and costs you’ll incur. Hair transplantation takes time for you to see substantial effects, so you have to ensure you have the resources to see the whole treatment through.

Hair transplantation is now a widely-accepted procedure to solve your problems in hair loss. Not all patients are qualified, however, to undergo the surgery. Find out if you’d make for an ideal candidate for hair transplantation, and set meetings with potential clinics you can work with. Meeting all the requirements for being a candidate and working with a good hair surgeon will ensure the success of your procedure.

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