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Choosing a Gift for the Music Fan


We all have that one friend or loved one that’s a music geek.  Their headphones are always on, or they are quick to recommend music to people, whether the advice was solicited or not.  Finding the perfect gift for the music lover in your life isn’t always easy.  There are some great choices out there, though, that can either help them enjoy their tunes even more or showcase their passion for the world. Here are seven ideas to help you choose the ultimate gift for your favorite music lover.

Immersive Audiophile Pod

If you want to break the bank, this acoustically optimized pod is your ideal gift with a $32,000 price tag.  This pod creates an audio experience for the user that is both heard and felt.  The included five speakers make the user feel as if they are sitting in the midst of a performance.  The pod is handcrafted in Cologne, Germany and comes with a 16 GB iPad. Learn more

U-Turn Orbit Turntable

Vinyl has made a comeback, and your music lover won’t be able to ride that wave without a quality turntable.  U-Turn’s Orbit combines style, quality, and affordability in its line of American-made turntables.  The basic turntable starts at $179. Learn more

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription

If your music lover has re-discovered vinyl, or if you’re looking for a complement gift for that Orbit turntable, consider a monthly record subscription.  ‘Vinyl Me, Please’ is a subscription service for record lovers.  Each month, subscribers receive an exclusive pressing of an album as well as several other goodies.  Annual subscriptions start at just $23/month. Learn more

Blackbird Guitars

Is there a guitar player in your midst? Some groundbreaking ideas in guitar materials and design are coming out San Francisco-based Blackbird Guitars.  The company started with a travel guitar called the Blackbird Rider and has since developed an entirely new material called Ekola. Ekola is a proprietary composite of plant-based resin and flax linen upcycled from industrial waste.  This one-of-a-kind lightweight and durable material is used on Blackbird’s line of guitars and ukuleles. Learn more

Pick Punch Kit

After you grab one of those custom guitars, you can make sure that your favorite guitar player never has to buy another guitar pick again.  This fun pick punch kit ($32) allows the user to make their own guitar picks out of any plastic items.  The kit comes with enough plastic to make 50 picks, or you create guitar picks out of those empty Starbucks and iTunes gift cards. http://www.pickpunch.com/pipuguplgise.htmlLearn more

Ticket Shadow Box

If you get dragged to a ton of concerts and have drawers full of ticket stubs, this ticket holder will look great hanging on your wall or sitting on a nearby shelf.  The shadow box has a slot at the top to accept new tickets after your latest night out.  The shadow box is just $38 on Etsy. Learn more

Chromecast Audio

Being able to access music anywhere and at any time is important to most music geeks.  A simple and affordable ($35) gift that will allow you to do just that is the Chromecast Audio device.  This small round speaker will enable you to connect your phone’s Google Music, Spotify, or Pandora app to your speakers.  Unfortunately, it won’t work with iTunes or Apple Music. Learn more


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