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The Perfect Gift for Him: One Year Anniversary

You must have been to numerous dinner dates, movies and arcade nights with your partner but nothing can beat the excitement of the day that marks your one year anniversary! It is a big milestone and it’s time to rekindle those romantic memories by finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Your man has been getting you flowers, chocolates and setting up small surprises to make you feel special and this day is your turn to tell him how wonderful he truly is. People often think that expensive gifts is what will woo their partner but in honesty it’s the thought that counts.

Whether you get him glasses online or a Gopro Camera, knowing what he needs is really important because utility makes more sense to him than just being pampered.

Here are 5 Gifting Ideas that will make your first year anniversary an epic date to remember!

1.Cook a Broth

All men love food, especially a home cooked one. Nothing can beat the charm of a homely, warm meal made by his leading lady, trust us! It won’t do you any harm to put together a sandwich, or a soup that reminds him of school, or even a lavish steak if you are good with the oven.

Throw in some fancy wine, light up some scented candles, spice up the lights and we bet your man is going to love the spread you made

Even breakfast in bed, with a cheese omelet and freshly squeezed juice can cheer your lad up! Instead of repeating the take outs or going to your favourite restaurant, give those cookbooks and Youtube videos a shot! Perhaps baking could be your new found love this anniversary!

2. Brace the Adventure

Men like diversity in life and adventure is something no man will shy away from. Fishing and golfing for men who like it matured, and a trek, scuba diving or a camping weekend for the sporty souls!

Give his to do list a run through and pre book an adventure that pampers his masculine side

Why not go paintballing? Or Go Karting? Even Skating? Instead of canoodling on the couch give those muscles a jolt and have some fun and laugh away the worries of your mundane rut! Taking him to his favourite game or a concert might just get you those extra brownie points!

3. Designer Delectables

Designer products can never let anyone down, they are stylish, trendy and speak volumes about one’s personality. Just like affordable designer prescription glasses online at Optically that feature 36 designer labels spread over 33 thousand frame styles, each to be customized with prescription lenses of your preference.

Your man probably spends hours on his laptop, loves going for long drives and soaking up the sun at the beach- why not get him a swanky pair of designer mens glasses online or prescription sunglasses to upgrade his optical wardrobe in style!

4. Relive the Past

Think of all special moments that led both of you to ‘we’ status! The place you had your first kiss, or the cafe that had you choked on coffee, your first date or a memorable trip that will always remind you of the togetherness you share. Get a table at these and enjoy the evening going over all the crazy memories that led you here!

It’s so romantic to just sit holding hands, talking about nonchalance and the jitters that you first had when you got together

5. Go Traditional

The Victorian Era started a tradition of paper gifting for one year anniversaries, decades later people still find this adorable because of the simplicity that paper holds. A blank parchment calls you to write your future together with new emotions, experiences and accomplishments.

|Write a letter|

It’s the most romantic thing, a short one to keep your man on the toes, penning down your feelings intimately. You can paper frame your photographs and make it symbolic, or crayon a handmade card! Why not do a small treasure hunt in your house, leave small clues on pieces of paper that lead him to the big wrapped gift!

Since you have already spent 365 days living together, ditching your usual routine is important as this important milestone calls for creativity that sets butterflies fluttering in your tummy, yet again!

Be unique in the gift you choose just like yourself, because that’s what he fell for in the first place!

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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