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[I Bought] A Cotton Spring Jacket

I was really looking for a brown leather jacket to be honest, I just couldn’t find one. So I settled for the next best thing (besides a sports jacket): a cotton jacket.

For some reason I keep coming back to Zara to do my important purchases. The price wasn’t exactly a bargain but at least it fits me well.

One more thing: the size of this jacket is XL which, surprisingly, was the only one that fitted me. I’m an M guy but even L was, in this case, too small for me.

Item: Jacket
Fabric: Cotton
Color: Khaki
Brand: Zara
Price: $110 (on April 1st 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: Pretty much any color. Mostly my brown-based outfits but black too from time to time.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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