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[I Bought] A lot of Stuff

khaki blazer (full view)

You see? This is why I don’t go shopping every week. I end up buying lots of things. Quality things, nonetheless.

Item: sports jacket
Fabric: cotton
Color: khaki
Brand: C.A.T.O
Price: $29
I’ll be wearing it with: my khakis, jeans, white, black, blue shirts, my brown shorts, etc. etc. etc.

Item: dress shirt
Fabric: cotton
Color: black and white
Brand: Zara
Price: $29
I’ll be wearing it with: my black waistcoat, my dark-grey chinos, my black sports jacket, my khaki sports jacket etc.

Item: jeans
Fabric: denim
Color: blue
Brand: Pull & Bear
Price: $23

Item: cardigan
Fabric: cotton
Color: brown
Brand: Zara
Price: $36
I’ll be wearing it with: spring and autumn outfits

Item: colored bracelets
Fabric: not sure
Color: brown and light blue
Brand: H&M
Price: $5
I’ll be wearing them with: brown-based outfits, my light blue linen shirt (which matches one of them) etc.

George Lavas

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