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What Do Women Think of The Way I Dress?

stylish guy biting woman's ear

Well, I just had to tell you. Ever since I changed my style a few years ago, I’ve been doing better and better with women. I’m no world-class pick-up artist but I do want to share some of the situations I’ve been involved that are related to my style.

For someone who didn’t get that much attention from girls, these things are an eye opener – and I hope they will be for you too.

#1 The tall hot blonde

When we first met I was wearing a brown D&G shirt and jeans. I would tell her how I wore that shirt just for her because I knew we would meet. She laughed uncontrollably.

Two weeks later we were at a restaurant and she gave me the best compliment I ever got from a woman: I like men who wear ties. OK, so it was indirect but I really felt it. I was wearing a light shirt with a blue slim tie. There was a table next to us full of rugby players who would look amazed at the two of us. For some reason, they thought that just because they were big, they should be the ones hanging with the blonde. Wrong!

#2 The stylish baby doll

I think the only reason we dated was because we were both dressing to stand out. She had all the money she needed so she spent most of her time in malls.

At one time, while on a date she noticed:

We’re really matching tonight. We’re both wearing purple.

Indeed we did!

But this was nothing… read on to see how some girls made the first move on me.

#3 The pushy gal

This was really funny. Me and my buddy were walking along the crowded streets of this well-known resort called The Golden Sands. I was wearing a white shirt with thin black and blue horizontal and vertical lines. I was also wearing a pair of khakis, a pair of brown suede moccasins and a pink tie.

Out of the blue,this girl pops up, grabs my tie for a second then runs away back where she came from. I was stunned. What the heck just happened?

Little did I have time to wake up from this that ANOTHER GIRL grabs my tie and says to me:

Wow! How many girls did they touch this tie tonight?

I said something to her (I can’t remember what) but I didn’t answer her question. She was the third.

#4 The artist from the mall

About 2 years ago me and a friend of mine were walking around the mall with nothing to do. I was wearing a black sports jacket, a blue striped shirt, jeans and black leather shoes. At some point, we decide to sit down on a bench inside the mall. Walking around the mall can get you really tired…

As we approach our spot, I notice a girls was sitting on another bench nearby. While we approached, she kept a really strong eye contact.

So we sit down, right? And we start talking. Naturally, from time to time, I check her out and, of course, I notice she’s looking at me -a lot! The really cool thing was that she was drawing something (I hope it wasn’t me!).

At some point, she decides to leave… except that she wants to give me one more chance to go talk with her.

She gets up, positions herself in a way that I can see her better, with her back to me, and she bends over all the way. She had amazing long hair that would almost touch the ground.

In a fraction of a second, she gets back up and fixes her hair. It was obvious: she wanted to fix her hair but, at the same time, she wanted me to notice her. And I did… I didn’t say anything, she didn’t know me, she just decided that we should talk. Since I’m an average looking guy, even now when I remember that day, I can’t think of another explanation as to why she was into me (as opposed, for instance, to my buddy): it was style.

These are just a few of the situations with women that I can remember. There were a lot more and I’m positive that my change in appearance has had a lot to do with the positive reactions that I got from them.

If you have a similar story, I’d really like to hear it…

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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