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A Few Cool Clothes For This Fall

November 1st… Winter is one month away, which means we still have to deal with changing temperatures for a while. Since it’s not snowing, I’m going to give you a few more style suggestions for this fall.

This time I decided to look around the Size.co.uk website and see if they have anything interesting. The fact is they have lots of interesting stuff (which I’m about to share).

I’m actually going to assemble a complete head-to-toe outfit with clothes found on their website. They have everything I need for this and I’m really curious to see what I can find. Let’s do it.


I’m going to start this outfit from the bottom because I saw some amazing desert boots from Clarks on the website. Desert boots are great for spring and autumn (its too warm for them in the summer and too cold in the winter) and Clarks is probably the best brand that makes them.

You can try these sand suede khan boots…

The sand color is timeless… Or you can go for some brown desert boots…

That brown will make you stand out a lot because most guys always go for black when they pick their shoes.

Or, you can go for a desert trek, which is something I haven’t seen too many guys try, but it looks great!

The three pairs of shoes I showed you above work great in casual as well as business-casual situations so think of them as an investment. Just make sur eyou take extra-care of them if you go for suede leather.


Cardigans are great because they allow you to do state-of-the-art layering. The reason is that you can unbutton as many buttons as you want to show off what you’re wearing underneath. But that’s not all. Cardigans such as the one below are double breasted which will make you stand out even more:

That grey color will really make you stand out. Most guys are (again) wearing too much dark tops.

Remember how, at the beginning of this article, I told you I want to assemble a complete head-to-toe outfit? Well, this cardigan goes great with the first pair of shoes I showed you. The color matching is great – now let’s find ways to add some colour into this outfit.


I promised you you’re going to see some layering. Since we have a light-grey cardigan, we can match that with pretty much any color (black, white, grey and dark colors are neutral). How about a rose-pink t-shirt?

You may think: oh, no, pink!?! But let me tell you: pink is cool.

I’ve worn pink on more than one occasion and it’s not just that it’s become an “ok color” for guys, but this particular t-shirt has an edge.

It has those wide stripes. Horizontal stripes are a sign of masculinity and, the thicker they are, the more masculine they will make you appear.

My second argument for wearing them is the layering part. Since you’ll be wearing a cardigan on top of this t-shirt, most of the pink won’t even show. People will see just enough pink to see that you’re style-conscious.

(Remember that, in order to make this t-shirt work, you’ll have to choose the sand-colored shoes, not the brown ones. Brown doesn’t go that well with pink but keep in mind that the brown ones are just as stylish.)


If you thought I’m going to skip socks just because there’s nothing to talk about it here, don’t be so sure. Instead of wearing your old dark-blue or grey socks, how about a pair of stripped socks? When you’ll take off your desert boots, you’ll have yet another stylish surprise for the people around you:

Note that you can also find colored socks in the Size.co.uk store that you can easily match with other outfits.


No, I’m not going to recommend you jeans because I know you have enough pairs already. This pair will go much better with the khan boots from the first picture, the grey cardigan and the pink t-shirt. My idea is to let the t-shirt stand out through its color and leave the rest of the outfit neutral.

The chinos above are Trainerspotter from size.co.uk and are 100% cotton.

Well, I think we assembled quite a nice outfit using only what size.co.uk has in their online store right now. Let’s take another look and see the clothes all in one place:

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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