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Mitchell-Roberts.com Has Some Great-Looking Ties [REVIEW]

black and blue paisley tie

As you know, I rarely review online stores. I’ve only done it once before as I prefer to only talk about high quality stores, that are also affordable. One such store is www.mitchell-roberts.com, which deals exclusively with ties and bow ties.

As you probably know, I’ve always been a fan of ties and pocket squares. Up until today I’ve had 12 in my collection. And starting today, I’ve added 5 more Mitchell-Roberts ties, that I’m going to review for you.

Before I asked the guys to ship me the package, I took a close look through their store. Whenever I would see a tie that I’d like, I’d first think how I could match it to the clothes I already have. Some of these ties wouldn’t work very well with the colors I usually wear but hey, they might be perfect for you.

Secondly, I chose only 100% mens silk ties. I know it may sound too sophisticated but this is one of the things I stress with my style students: always go for natural fibers.

Silk, wool and cotton are great fabric choices for ties so stick with them. The ties I chose are all 100% silk.

This first tie is extremely interesting. I haven’t actually seen anyone wear something like this, since most guys are just too afraid of unusual colors and patterns.

As you can see it’s very stylish, sexy, and the color isn’t too bold. IF you do think it is, you can wear a waistcoat over it to cover most of it. This way, this amazing tie will pop up from underneath just enough to give off a classy vibe that we’re always looking for here at Be Stylish.

Since the print is on a black background, this tie works with black-based outfits. Match it with a black waistcoat and you’ll look classy as hell.

And ho about this one? We have black and dark purple this, time, another classy combination.The way you match this tie is not different that how you would match the first one. Make sure you repeat the black and the purple as much as you can in the outfit, even if it isn’t a perfect match.

Next, we have another silk tie, just as nice as the others. The color is cream, and it’s a little hard to match if you’re new to this. But the reality is that you can wear this with lots of colors, such as yellow, brown, green, black and, of course, white.

Knitted ties

I was so excited when I saw that www.mitchell-roberts.com also has knitted ties in their collection. To my deep embarrassment, I didn’t have a single knitted tie in my collection. I do now! The only regret is that the knitted ties with square ends.

Nevertheless, the ones that I got look like this:

The first one is cobalt blue and the second one is a mix of dark red and dark brown. You know how to match them, right?

My comments on the ties

I was not disappointed by any of them. A 100% silk tie is the best kind you can get (though wool and cotton work as well). The texture is very soft and the colors look great I definitely recommend them

Mitchell-Roberts.com’s bow ties

Since I was going for an in-depth review of the site, I decided not to stick to just ties, and try a few of their bow-ties as well.

So I chose a really nice red and gray bow-tie, along with one that has blue, white and dark gray on it. Take a look:

The bow ties look and feel just as great as tie ties. The only (small) downside is that they’re clip on as bow-ties that you can actually tie are considered more stylish and formal. But these will do as well if you’re not interested too much in that aspect. They’re adjustable so you won’t have any problem fitting them.

Bottom line

Mitchell-Roberts.com is a great website featuring great products. Their high-quality ties, bow ties and scarves can be worn in both casual and formal encounters, while the quality is top notch if you choose only those that are made of natural fiber.

Best of all, the prices are very good. If you decide to hunt only for those that are on sale, you’ll end-up paying pennies compared to what you would pay in a brand store. Remember to always pay for quality, not for the brand.

SO just hit this link and go to mitchell-roberts.com for a wide variety of mens ties, bow-ties, scarves.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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