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How To Dress For Men? (Reader’s Number One Question)

The fact that I’m invaded by question about men’s fashion and style is of no shock to me anymore. I love giving advice to people who want to change because, to me, someone who’s interested in his personal image is someone you want to meet and share opinions.

I get plenty of questions every day but, after a while, some of them have started repeating themselves. So I thought: why not take THE most asked question and make an article about it?

Well… it turns out it’s not that easy. Here’s why.

The question that I hear most often is… How do I dress better?

Given the fact that we’re all different and that our bodies are different… this is the last question in the world I would ever try to find a general answer to.

It’s just too general!

This question has a different answer to every man out there. Heck, even if you had a twin brother, your styles would be different.

Nevertheless, I’m going to make an effort and point you in the right direction with this.

There are actually a few critical variables that you need to identify before you know what clothes to buy. These are very simple to determine – you don’t even need a pen and paper.

Here’s the list of critical factors. But, before we get into that, I want you to promise me you won’t skip any of them and pay attention to each of them.

Promise? OK, let’s go.

  1. Your personality (introvert/extravert/ a little of both)
  2. Your hobbies (car enthusiast/clubber/avid book reader/traveler etc.)
  3. The kind of music you listen to (rock / rap / dance / classical)
  4. The kind of venues you’re likely to visit in your spare time (restaurants / bars / clubs)
  5. Your work place and position (do you travel a lot? / do you do a lot of phisical work? etc.)
  6. Your height
  7. Your girth
  8. How much you weigh
  9. Your skin complexity
  10. Your hair color

Got them? OK. Now let’s move on to a list of factors that influence the type of clothes fit you best but they are not that important. It depends on how much you want to find your personal style.

  1. Your hair type
  2. The color of your eyes
  3. The shape of your face
  4. The size of your wrist (are they thick or thin?)
  5. The size of your belly in proportion to your chest
  6. The length of your feet compared to the total length of your body (do you have really long or really short feet?)
  7. The size and definition of your behind (yes, this matters too – women look at our behinds all the time)
  8. The size and thickness of your eyebrows
  9. The size of your ears
  10. How thin or thick are your fingers
  11. How prominent is your chest
  12. The width of your shoulders
  13. The size of your jaw

Wow, these were two loong lists. Come to think of it, it’s not even complete. But hey, nobody ever made such a list so being aware of it will put you way ahead most guys.

Now comes the question. OK, George, but how do I make use of them? How can these lists teach me how to dress better?

Well, each bullet allows you to draw some conclusions about it. I’m going to give some of these conclusions here, while the rest you can find in my package that discusses men’s style from every angle.

For instance…

Your personality is #1 in my critical list because it tells you the kind of colors you should wear. If you’re an introvert, go for darker colors because you clearly don’t like to stand out. If you’re an extrovert and you like to talk a lot, brighter colors will be more appropriate to you.

Your skin complexity is another biggie. If you have fair skin, darker colored shirts and sports jackets will suit you great. If you have darker skin, go for lighter colors. The goal is to make good contrast between the main colors of your outfits and your skin tone. Easy as pie.

OK, let’s take one from the second list, to teach you how to fine tune your outfits: the size of your wrist.

The size of your wrist dictates the kinds of bracelets you can wear. Men’s bracelets are very stylish for a casual and relaxed look. But you can’t just pick ANY bracelet.

If you have thinner wrists (like I do) you should go with thicker bracelets. If your arms and wrists are thicker you should go for thinner bracelets. What you’re actually doing here is balancing your outfit.

Think about it. A thick bracelet on a thick arm will make the dude look like a gladiator. A thin bracelet on a thin arm will most likely hang and fiddle on the arm, making the dude look ridiculous.

In the same manner, you can draw conclusions about what (not) to wear. Just go through at least the critical list (recommneded: both) and draw YOUR OWN conclusions based on YOUR body type.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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