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Men’s Cufflinks – Time To Impress… Again

photo: meinto.com

Most men’s accessories aren’t that extravagant. You’ve got your ties, your belts, your scarves and so on – and the only ways you can variate is through color and pattern. Yet there is one accessory that allows you to go wild: cufflinks.

Just What Are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are two pieces of (usually) metal that are used to fasten the two sides of a shirt’s cuff. They can only be worn with french cuff shirts but they look damn hot.

A Little Bit of History

I’m not going to bore you with all the details but there are a few fun facts that you may enjoy.

Back in the 16th century they used strings to hold together the shirts’ cuffs. Around that time, during the reign of Luis the 14th, small chains linked together by pairs of colored glass. They were called boutons de manchette and they remained popular until today.

Why Cufflinks?

Here at Be Stylish I’m dissecting and analyzing every way that men can look sharper. Cufflinks used to be worn only with formal outfits, and only by style conscius men. It’s time you think about them and in ways you can incorporate them with your outfits.


besides the obvious fact that you need to invest in a french cuff shirt, you need to consider the environment before you put them on.

Are you going to a formal event? If so, the right pair of cufflinks will probably make the difference.

Looking to stand out in casual situations? You can take your cufflinks even into the clubs and show those hot girls that you’ve got style and class. Believe me, most great-looking women are very style conscious and will almost always go for a guy who isn’t afraid to stand out.

Now, if you’re going for a picnic, a walk on the beach or if you find yourself in some other casual encounter, it’s probably best to leave your cuffs at home. It’s not the cuffs themselves that are the problem, it’s the french cuff shirt that’s too formal for certain situations.

You’ll get a feel for this accessory once you start wearing it

Some Cool Photos of Cufflinks

Before I show you the goods, I just want to make sure you understand the power of cufflinks. They may be rare, yes, but don’t let that scare you. They’re manly and classy. While they won’t make you look like a bad-ass bad boy, they’ll give you an aura of power, wealth and respect. Just wanted to make sure what you’re getting yourself into. 🙂

Let’s start off with something simple, like these checked cufflinks:

photo: meinto.com

Notice the amazing color combination. You have blue, purple and grey, all mixed and matched together to bring attention to this *secret* accessory. Go ahead and wear them with a blue or purple tie or bow tie, a white french cuffed shirt and a suit.

And how about these? If the pair above was rectangular, these square cufflinks will go even better with a square face. Yes, it’s a good thing to try and match the shape of your face with that of your cufflinks. Call me crazy but I’m crazy like a fox. Subtle style details as this one will hit people at a subconscious level.

photo: meinto.com

And here’s something that I would wear, considering I have a round face:

photo: meinto.com

Let’s Get this Party Started!

I saved the best for last, mostly because I wanted you to read the entire thing and learn the basics about cufflinks.

I’m going to show you some crazy cufflinks and assure you that they are considered stylish.

Take a look at these.

photo: meinto.com

A dog and a bone?? Yes, it’s possible. Forget wearing a t-shirt with a dog on it if you’re a pet lover. Keep the rest of your outfit “clean” of any pictures and move your hobby on your cufflinks.

As I was saying, you can find cufflinks for almost any passion or hobby. What’s yours?

Are you in the army? Take a look at these:

photo: cufflinkstock.com

Or maybe you’re in the navy…

photo: sonsales.com

Or… what if you like trains?

photo: cufflinks123.com

And here’s one last type of cufflinks. These are made of silk and look very good:

If you already have a few pairs of regular cufflinks, go ahead and try something different, like the pair in the photo above.

How do You Fasten Them?

It’s really easy, actually. Check this YouTube video (2 mins 19 seconds long):

Two things before you rush to get your first pair of cufflinks.

First off, when it comes to cufflinks… knock yourself out!

Second, wear the more conservative cufflinks with formal outfits and the crazier ones with casual attire. Easy, right?

I’m sure you may be asking yourself: George, what cufflinks are YOU wearing? Good question. Here they are:

What do you think?

Stay stylish,

George “The Transformer” Lazar

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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