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10 awesome gadget gifts on Kickstarter that you can buy on Amazon now


GADGET: A mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article.

Technology rules. That’s why geeky tech gadgets are the rage. The best gadgets are often pitched on Kickstarter as a concept before they ever make it to market. With the holidays coming on fast, many of the gadgets on Kickstarter would make awesome gifts for under the tree.

Check out these gadgets:

  1. Ceek Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality (VR) is the hottest tech on the market. VR headsets transport you to a 3-D immersive digital world.  Grab the Ceek headgear, snap in a smartphone, and take off. Download the CEEK VR mobile app, and watch exclusive music concerts by U2, Lady Gaga, and others. With VR, viewers don’t watch the show, they become a part of it.

On Amazon, the Ceek runs at $99.99. It currently has 5 stars. Some of the notable features include padding and an air circulator to keep the face cool and prevent eyepiece fogging. There is a remote controller that lets the user navigate or rotate scenes without having to take off the eyewear.

To order the Ceek Virtual Reality Headset, click here, and check for the latest deals here.

  1. SLIDE by Zipbuds

Having tangled earbuds can be a thing of the past with SLIDE by Zipbuds. The SLIDE eliminates tangles completely because this clever design includes a zipper worked right into the earbud cables.  While the SLIDE looks like a normal set of earbuds, there is a ridge on the right side of the cable  and valley for the left with a release mechanism. The two cable arms zip together to store in your pocket. Unzip the SLIDE to separate the left and right earbud.

Amazon gives it 4 of 5 stars. The sound quality and materials are excellent. The SLIDE has a silicone earpiece with comfortable earbuds. There is a lifetime warranty from defects.

To order SLIDE by Zipbuds, click here, and check for offer codes here.

  1. WakaWaka Power

Stuck in the wilderness and need to charge a cellphone? Check out the WakaWaka Power portable solar power station and reading light. With a little sun, a  smartphone or tablet can stay charged even in the most remote places. If the power grid goes down, the WakaWaka can keep a phone charged and gives out a powerful light for up to 40 hours on one charge.

There is also an SOS emergency beacon in the unit.

The WakaWaka Power is for sale on Amazon for $69.99. Consumer reviews are positive; 61% give it five stars and the overall average is four.

To purchase the WakaWaka Power, click here, and check for the latest deals here.

  1. ZeroHour Relic XR Compact Tactical Flashlight with Integrated USB Battery Backup Powerbank, 1,000 Lumen CREE XP-L LED, Rechargeable 3400Ah battery While this is the most unwieldy name in the history of product development, this is a cool gadget that will please anyone who could use a very compact but extremely bright flashlight. The ZeroHour charges via a USB. Unscrew the cap on the back and it will also charge a cell phone or handheld device. Vouchmag called it, “The last flashlight you’ll ever need.”

The ZeroHour tactical flashlight is waterproof, lightweight, and portable. It offers 1,000 light lumens and is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It has 4.6 of 5 stars on Amazon. The regular price was $149.99 but as of this writing the ZeroHour was on sale for $124.99.

Pick up ZeroHour by clicking here and check for deals here.

  1. Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi

For about $1,500 the average user can take home a smart 3D printer. The Robo R2 offers users out-of-the-box functionality. There is an app that prints from a cell phones and built in Wi-Fi. These little printers can build big products and use 20 different materials to do it. There’s a color touch screen and it’s easy to use. Reviews remain mixed on Amazon, but the average is 4.1 of 5 stars.

Order the Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi by clicking here.

  1. Quad Lock Case for iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus

On the other end of the pricing spectrum there’s the Quad Lock Case. The Quad Lock is a case for your phone, but it has an easy locking mechanism that secures it to a bike, the dash of a car, a wall — or anywhere. A twist of the wrist mounts the phone on the bracket and it securely holds it in place until it’s needed. The phone will not move — no matter what. Consumer reviews are positive; it has 4.6 stars on Amazon. The regular Amazon price is $29.95 but as of this writing it was on sale for $23.51.
To order a Quad Lock Case for iPhone, click here, and check for coupon codes here.

  1. Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can


The Carbage Can solves the age-old problem of keeping the car clean. This is a no spill non intrusive can that clips to the floor mats. It’s made of recycled plastics and designed to use leftover grocery store bags. It can sit on the passenger side and still leaves room for riders. The product has 4.4 out of 5 stars and is regularly priced at $24.99, although it was on sale as of this writing, for $19.99.

Order the Carbage can by clicking here, and find the latest deals here.

  1. Beastgrip Pro + Wide Angle Lens Bundle


The Beastgrip Pro is advertised as the world’s best lens rigging system for “phoneographers.” The goal of the company was to, “expand the possibilities of your smartphone in a way that is fun and easy to use.” The Beastgrip helps videographers and photographers make better use of the high quality tools in their smartphones. It currently has 4.6 of 5 Amazon stars with decent customer reviews for a price of $165.95.

Get a Beastgrip Pro by clicking here, and check for the latest coupons here.

  1. POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Everyone should love this product. For $49.99 users get a remote controlled paper airplane conversion kit. Build the plane with the template, add the conversion kit, download the app, and start doing loop the loops. The plane is controlled  with a smartphone and it features a USB for charging. The POWERUP is made of carbon fiber and nylon so it’s durable. Amazon reviews are mixed; buyers that can build a good airplane seem to have the best results.

To start flying a POWERUP 3.0 click here.

  1. Qwerkywriter Typewriter Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Integrated Tablet Stand

The Qwerkywriter is retro. Nothing wrong with that. The inventor of the Qwerkywriter paid homage to the typewriters of old by merging it with modern keypad. The end result was a wireless keyboard that looks like a typewriter. It’s fun to type on with vintage inspired keys and an  integrated tablet stand. Customer comments on Amazon are positive and the Qwerkywriter has 4.2 of 5 stars. The regular price is $349 but it is currently on sale for around $250.

Order a Qwerkywriter by clicking here.

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