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5 Insider tips from WSOP on playing online poker


Are you looking to improve your online poker game? If so, where better to go for tips than the experts responsible for organising the World Series of Poker – the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Today we offer some insider tips from the poker experts at WSOP. Just think, this time next year you could be gearing up to compete in the biggest poker competition to ever hit Las Vegas’s infamous strip.

1 – Choose the right game for you

Although tempting to chase the big bucks from the off, it’s best to master the easier tables before cracking on to the harder ones, where the stakes are higher. We know you’re after the cash – we all are – but remember, as the experts at WSOP say, “It’s better to be the best player at an easier table than the loser at the harder one.”

2 – Don’t play angry

When emotions are high, it’s impossible to play your best game. This is because you’re playing emotionally rather than with a rational head. If you have a run of bad luck that gets you a little hot around the collar, the WSOP experts recommend you stop playing whilst ‘on tilt’ and instead take some time out to cool down and collect yourself. If you’re playing emotionally, there’s a chance that your opponents will catch on and take advantage. Try and remain aware of how you’re feeling and step away if necessary.

3 – Don’t be afraid to fold

The only thing that playing every hand you’re dealt will guarantee is that you’ll lose more often. If the hand you’re dealt isn’t worth your time, be willing to fold. Also, although bluffing is an essential part of the game, you don’t have to bluff for bluffing’s sake. WSOP experts rely on the motto, “Fold if you have to – bluff occasionally.”

WSOP experts rely on the motto, “Fold if you have to – bluff occasionally.”

4 – Be observant

Good poker players aren’t only paying attention to their own game – they’re paying attention to everyone around them. Although this is trickier when playing online, always watch to see if you can observe patterns that help you to read your opponents.

5 – Master how to raise

The experts at WSOP advise that you work on the proviso that you shouldn’t raise unless you’re prepared to re-raise. And, don’t call unless you know you’re also able to raise. When one of your opponents bets, play your hand if you believe it might be the best hand around the table, and if you want to make your opponents pay to draw out on you.

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