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Where Does Self-Esteem Come From

self esteem

Self-esteem influences us a lot. It may change the approach we use to find love, it may influence the way we develop our romantic relationships. The self-esteem, as well as the self-confidence,  is essential in any relationships.


Did you know that the first thing men learn during the pick up artists training is how to improve their self-esteem? The thing is that the easiest way to spoil the first date with a great girl is to show her your low self-confidence.

Another interesting thing here is that men’s self-esteem level is way more adequate than women’s one. The Psychologists from London have tested 2006 people from 12 different countries on the matter of their benefits estimation. They found out that men tend to think of themselves better than women do. It does not mean that men pitch the estimate too high, the thing is women pitch the estimate too low.


However, if you do feel that your self-esteem is low, you have a chance to improve it by using the formula by William James. His idea is the following: self-esteem is equated to one’s successes divided by one’s pretensions.

In other words, you have two ways to get rid of your diffidence. You may either reduce your pretensions level or increase your success level. It is a piece of cake if you consider it this way. Nothing improves your self-esteem better than achievements.


If you feel you are insecure and care what people think; if you agree that self-esteem is essential for our romantic life, consider the following tips on the high self-esteem.


Sport is a number-one way to improve the low self-esteem for men. Note, that drinking beer on the couch and watching football is NOT a sport. I’m speaking about a real sport. First of all, the sport is an adrenaline rush in a pure form. Active physical exercises are natural for men.


Not each of us enjoys reading and studying things. However, if you feel insecure and your self-esteem is low, consider reading people minds as Sherlock Holmes used to do. This will add you some calm and confidence.


This is another way to become a confident man. Simply consider being a prof in something.  Get yourself an exciting hobby: do some web development, pimp rides up, backpack, for example. These means were field-proven successfully.


Think of your surrounding as a mirror. Change your way of thinking, start respecting yourself – and you will see your colleagues, friends and family respect you immediately.

A nice girl

A loving and supportive girl with a strong faith is what you really need. By the way, Russian girls tend to be really supportive, so consider Dating Brides as an option. If you feel that your girl gives you wings, this should be your winning strategy to a high self-esteem.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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