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Adventure Activities Men Prefer to Do on Holiday

grand canyon

Travelling comes in many shapes and sizes. For women, the ideal travel is going to another country with their partners and visiting romantic sceneries. They love to go shopping too. For men, on the other hand, travelling means adventure, death-defying activities and things that will trigger their adrenaline rush.

Men go overboard with their holidays to go to places they’ve never imagined possible. Depending on their budget and preferences, their adventure activities include hiking mountains, bungee jumping, paragliding, sky diving, cliff diving, and swimming vast seas, among others.

Thus, it’s important to have a travel insurance coverage. This will make sure that any untoward incidents that could result in injuries, illness or death are well compensated. Whether he’s on a single trip travel insurance or an annual travel insurance, it is important to be updated with the coverage at the time of the trip. Here are 5 activities most men prefer to do on holiday.

Mountain Climbing

Also dubbed as mountaineering, mountain climbing is an activity where people climb mountains. Men love this hobby because they get to exercise, explore new horizons and feel the adrenaline rush of seeing cliffs and the height of their destination. Another adventure activity men could do in the mountains is rock climbing. This is a hazardous and risky activity. He should be trained on how to perform this action.

Paddle The Grand Canyon

River rafting is another enjoyable and exciting event men can do. If they can tackle 300 miles of whitewater, one of the most powerful on the planet, then they will surely enjoy the Grand Canyon rafting. Some believe that this is a travel risk since the waters are indeed turbulent and dangerous.

Volcano Trekking

The Earth is home to thousands of volcanoes; some are active, you might not return alive when you visit its crust. Despite the fact that volcano trekking is dangerous, many individuals, especially men are going to the craters to take photos, camp out and just have fun. If you’re planning to do this activity on holiday, make sure you choose travel insurance that best fits your needs.

Hunting In The Wild

The wilderness is home to various animals, big or small, prey or a predator. In forests, you are not sure what’s waiting for you inside. It’s the home to the most vicious snakes, hungry lions and dangerous bears. Add the best travel insurance for your coverage in case something bad happens.

When you’re planning on hunting in the wild, make sure you have all the gear and equipment needed for survival.


Women hit the beach to sunbathe while men go to the beach to catch waves. Surfing is one of the most enjoyable activities, especially during the summer. People love surfing because it’s exciting, unpredictable and adrenaline pumping. Men are adventurous by nature. Hence, it is important to make sure you’re covered when planning a holiday adventure. Having adventure activities travel insurance is necessary since you’re not sure what’s in store for you during the trip.

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