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Balance Different Areas of Life with Term Papers Writing Service

New research out of places like Stanford indicates that students today are spending far too much time with homework. Meant to reinstate concepts taught during the day, homework requirements have become nothing more than memory tricks and hours wasted. In exchange for this students are giving up health, happiness, and socialization.

Negative Impacts of Homework

Researchers have found that even in high-achieving areas, students are spending far too much time on homework. Hours upon hours for each class mean that students are literally burning the midnight oil. But at what cost? Well, for starters, anything over 2 hours is not going to be productive. More than two hours per night and the benefits reaped by homework plateau. Students face many negative ramifications including:

  • Additional stress. 56% of students claim homework is their main source of stress. Beyond that, students are stressed about tests relating to the homework and getting good grades out of that class. It all boils down to homework. In fact, less than 1% of students in a recent Stanford survey did not find homework a serious stressor.
  • Poor health. While stress can be a good thing (after all, stress is what motivates you to get up in the morning and go to school or work so that you don’t lose your home or get kicked out of school), it is no longer a good thing when it is physically harmful. That is just the case here, with students facing sleep deprivation, exhaustion, weight loss, stomach problems, headaches, and other health issues related to too much homework.
  • Reduced socialization. Socialization is important, and it needs to come in many forms: friends, family, and extracurricular. With too much homework, however, all of those things suffer. Students do not get to see their family as often, hang out with friends, pursue hobbies, and in some cases, they have to drop activities that are school related simply because there is no time.

The Solution

So, what is the solution to all this? Achieving balance. Students need to find a balance between social time, extracurricular activities, and their homework. It is mentally and physically unhealthy for students to feel obligated to choose homework over the development of other skillsets. Students should not do mindless rote memory homework in exchange for family bonding. This type of busy work discourages learning regardless of age and is busy work by nature.

Many parents and teachers alike are now calling for schools to ban homework entirely, at least for younger kids. Other places around the world like Finland, have the highest performance scores and yet assign little to no homework for any aged students.

Term Paper Writing Service

And while the debate continues as to whether no homework or less homework or different homework is the key, there is another solution by services available to help students achieve balance. Term paper writing services give students the chance to continue their pursuit of extracurricular, social activities, time with family, or learning new skills while a professional takes a stab at an otherwise overwhelming task. With professional custom service like DoMyTermPaper.com, the papers are written regardless of the deadline, the desired grade is achieved, and students get a much-needed break. Feel free to ask help from the academic writing company. Send your request “write my term papers, please”, and you’ll get online desired writing very fast.

Overall, with reasonable and cheap prices, content scanned through plagiarism sites, and revisions included in most cases, students stand to gain much from hiring a professional.

This is especially true of situations where students might be falling behind and simply not understand the task at hand, or what it is they are being asked to do. When the work is done by the experts, students not only get the grade they need, but they can learn from the work and be better prepared in the future.

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