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What is the Best Setting for a Princess Cut Diamond?

What is a Princess Cut?

A princess cut diamond is a deep cut diamond with a square table. Seen loose, a princess cut diamond will look like an inverted pyramid with four sides sloping down to a point. Despite the relative simplicity of the shape, the cut actually makes 57 facets in the stone, which is the same amount as are found in the classical diamond cut that is known for its brilliant sparkle, the round brilliant cut. This means that a well-cut princess diamond will throw off excellent brilliance and scintillation – and it does so more economically too! Let us take a look at how to make the best of your princess cut stones with the right setting.

Cathedral Mount

These tend to be quite old-fashioned and, when taken to extremes, they can be unpopular because the stone and its mount can catch on clothing or scrape when one is working. But cathedral mounts do not have to be super high, and it is possible to soften the corners of the mounting, so it is rounded and smooth. The benefit of this type of setting is that it lifts the diamond, showing the flat table off and allowing maximum light to flood into the stone from underneath, directing it out of the top of the stone.

Playing Solitaire

Princess cut diamonds almost always look good as solitary stones, whether they are set in necklaces, on a fine chain, or in rings to glitter and sparkle with every movement of your hand. They can also make good halo stones – being surrounded by a host of smaller stones in a ‘halo’ effect – which has the benefit of giving the impression of being a single, much-larger stone.

Classic 4-Prong

Your solitaire princess lends itself well to a classic 4-prong fitting, as the prongs can hold the corners of the stone, enhancing the neat squareness of the cut, and still allowing a good deal of light to flow in from all sides before being channeled out through the table in a glorious light display.

Tennis Bracelet

If you have a hankering for a tennis bracelet, princess cut diamonds lend themselves particularly well to being mounted in a chain, each stone forming a ‘link’, and the whole glittering and gleaming around your wrist with every gesture you make. Tennis bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewelry and princess cut stones lend themselves well to being sited next to one another, thanks to their square shape.

Whether you have a ring or a necklace or a bracelet, a princess cut stone or stones offer excellent brilliance and wonderful neatness in a piece of jewelry which contrasts nicely with the rainbow fire released through the table or top of the stone. The best mounting is the one that you like the most, but aim to allow for your stone – search for diamonds here – to be held securely in place while a maximum amount of light is let into the stone from all sides to enhance the evocative glitter and sparkle that makes owning a diamond such a pleasure.

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