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What to Wear When Visiting a Land-Based Casino

Dress Codes can be tricky, there are those that we are certain of such as what to wear at a Wedding, or to Ascot Races for example, but when it comes to visiting a casino there are many of us who are not sure of what to wear.  The rules about what is the correct dress-code has changed over the years. This article has been created to give you a better understanding and idea of what to wear.

There is a layer of protocol and etiquette that to some extent defines them, and to many people who have never actually visited one they can seem like places that are surrounded by a mystique that only a very elite few will know and understand completely.

Today casinos are much more accessible to the wider population both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, with the UK home to over 100 land-based venues, the largest concentrations being in the major cities like London, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

The UK  is home to over 100 land-based venues, the largest concentrations being in the major cities like London, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

Ok then, what we really want to know is which is the correct and proper way to dress to ensure that whenever the chance to visit a casino rather than playing some online roulette with real money in your boxer shorts arises, that we can blend in and more to the point look the part which will lead to us having a great night out with family and friends.

As we have mentioned rules have thankfully relaxed and today ladies are able to dress, within reason, as they choose without fear of being judged by other casino goers. This means that ladies won’t go far wrong if they dress just as they would if they were going to visit a classy restaurant. That will be fine for most casinos but you must be aware that if you are going to visit one of the high-class casinos then it’s wise to check on the casinos dress code beforehand.

With choices and options as free as this, the ladies can take full advantage of the relaxed dress code for casinos and either rock up your business casual or go the full nine yards and embrace the glamour of casino fashion with some designer glitz. Small amounts of jewelry is recommended and the best casino style dressed don’t flaunt too much skin, also never, ever wear leggings!

Men do not have as many options for their casino dress and by many this is seen as more of a blessing. Not having as much choice means that men are far less likely to make a bad choice of their casino attire.

Typically, it’s smart, casual wear that will get the men into all but the most exclusive casinos in the UK, although if you wanted to go out and purchase a ‘casino suit’ then taking a look at some of Al Pacino’s outfits in the film ‘Casino’ is a great guide.

Generally, though, most casino attire that is acceptable boils down to making that little bit of effort to look smart and presentable and this will see most thought 90% of the time. If you do find yourself going to a high-class establishment remember to check up on the dress codes and scale it up from there. We definitely recommend smart casual for most locations which can consist or polo shirts and chinos.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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