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Where to get Quality Student Accommodation in Portugal

Many people from the UK make the brave decision to go to another country to study. This is clearly a very cultural way to learn and a few years in another country can certainly add a lot to your life experience. Portugal as a country offers a lot of different studying opportunities for foreign students therefore access to their learning services can be a pretty simple process. A lot of people think that the people of Portugal speak Spanish but they do not, they speak Portuguese which is very similar to Spanish.

Here is some guidance as to different student accommodation that will be available to you.

Use a Specialist Company

If you are going to a country like Portugal and you are not familiar with the country or culture it may be a good idea for you to use a specialist company to support you with the accommodation. Rather than search all around the internet you can find some help at Collegiate. This company are the experts in Portugal based student accommodation and although they have a massive presence in the UK, they have branched out to some European countries. Specifically in Portugal they have presence in Lisbon, and soon in Porto and Coimbra. Collegiate are known for prestige and high quality accommodation that is designed only for students. They will only let this to students and within the property you will get benefits such as common rooms and well-being packs. This company definitely has the student in mind and the rooms all have study areas to allow you to work from the room. The costs for this are pretty reasonable and will be taken weekly – if any financial support is required then they can give you several options here also.

If you are going to a country like Portugal and you are not familiar with the country or culture it may be a good idea for you to use a specialist company to support you.

Online Searches

You could take a risk and look online for student accommodation (or even just a flat). There are many risks with this approach if you are not familiar with the country. You would need to look out for what your obligations are in terms of property tax, gas and electric etc. For a student that is maybe only considering staying in this property for a few months, this could be a lot of hassle, risky and overall you may save money on the rent bill, as it will soon be made up with gas, electric, water, TV etc.

Flat Share

Some students opt to go for what is probably the cheapest option and flat share. Here you would probably be sharing with someone that is in the same circumstance as you and looking to get some basic accommodation that is cost effective. If you do this option then you need reassurances that the overall rent is being paid as failure to do so could result in eviction (or legal action). In addition to this, it would be wise to meet the person in advance of committing to move in. You may not get on with the person and have different outlooks in life (one may be a party animal and the other not).

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