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Does Sockless Equal Sexy?

If you paid attention to what guys are wearing in the street nowadays, you probably noticed some of them… don’t wear any socks! I don’t know what YOUR reaction was when you saw them. Some guys absolutely love going sockless

Sockless outfits are not by any means something new. They’ve been promoted for a long time now and people are either pro or against them.

The thing about them is that you instantly stand out. 99% of the guys wear socks so it’s obvious how not wearing any can draw attention to you.

Not all outfits are created equal, though. You have the formal outfits (suits, dress pants etc.) and you have the casual ones (casual pants, shorts, jeans).

There are only two things to remember about when to go sockless and I’m going to tell you each of them.

The first one is: only go sockless with casual outfits. NEVER wear a suit or dress pants without socks. Formal situations imply that the event you’re attending needs a dose of respect – so make sure you show it.

However, you can go sockless when you’re wearing:

  • chinos
  • shorts
  • jeans

Here’s the other point about not wearing socks.

Feet sweat a lot when inside the shoe. If it’s hot outside and you’re sockless, the whole sweat will be absorbed by the shoe like a sponge.

(This is one of the things socks are good at: absorbing your feets’ sweat)

This means that, after a few hours of wearing your bare feet inside a shoe on a hot day… your shoe will start smelling.

In time the smell will get worse.

So, how can you protect your shoe and still have that sockless look? You have a few options:

  • You can wear “no show” socks. These will absorb the perspiration and they’re 100% invisible to the eye (That’s why they’re called “no show”!). Here’s what they look like:
  • You can use a foot spray
  • Use some foot powder
George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based between the UK & US he enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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  1. Cal October 4, 2010

    I’ve worn lots of shoes without socks over the years, 18 years. It started in college with a pair of leather boat shoes. If I was not in them, I wore a pair of Teva sport sandals, which seam that everybody on campus wore in the 90’s. The odd thing about wearing the sandals then, foot odor and stinky sandals. The rubber footbed always seamed slimy after wearing them for long periods of time. At least the boat shoes were drier on the foot. Later, I purchased running shoes and wore them to class. I ended up purchasing odor eaters insoles and foot spray after about the second week of wearing them. A this time, “no show” socks were nonexistent to purchase. The “swamp foot” ads were running on TV and radio for Odor Eaters. A gal commented on her feet that she needed to look into their products. We both liked the sporty look of not wearing socks.

    Three years ago, I start to wear the “no show” liner socks like the ones pictured above after I went for a free medical exam one day. The doctor told me that she could see some nail fungus along the nail bed developing. I never gave my feet much thought until that day. She saw that I was not wearing socks. She then told me that not wearing clean socks with the shoes or going without can cause problems. The toes rub the inside of the shoe where all the moisture is collected. I wore Odor Eater inserts as always. She said that they need to be replaced since they had too much dead skin buildup. She gave me a pair of sandals and made me wear a pair of socks with them. I also found out that I have a mild case of

  2. George October 5, 2010

    Hi Cal,
    Thanks for posting your insights.
    Indeed, not wearing socks is a sure way to getting your feet smelling bad.
    One thing about the second part of your story – your visit to the doctor.
    Did the nail fungus develop as a result of you wearing no socks at all or “no show” socks?

  3. Cal October 7, 2010

    I just want to add to my last post; which got truncated. The doctor had told me I have a mild case of Hyperhidrosis after my third visit. I wore my Teva sport sandals that day. The doctor commented that she had noticed, as I walked into the exam room, that she could hear the damp perspiration of my feet on the sandals. Sweaty feet is the main reason that I once had nail fungus. Wearing a good pair of socks helps move the moisture away from the foot she said. She also asked me again if I was wearing socks with enclosed footwear. I remember telling her, yes, except with boat shoes. She told me to wear socks even with boat shoes; but stay away from cotton socks and wear at least the no-show liners. Also, she said that my foot odor is no longer present unlike the first visit with running shoes without socks.

  4. Ali October 16, 2010

    Hi george, my opinion is that it’s cool to wear loafers or boat shoes sockless especially in worm whether but imagine not wearing socks with more or less shoes! It’s definetly a don’t. If we do so, we stand out of the crawd as a dork.

  5. Robert June 15, 2011

    I think it looks sexy when women, at least women with shapely legs and ankles go sockless. I don’t know why fat women or any man bothers going sockless. Who wants to see legs and ankles that look like tree trunks or even worse hairy legs and ankles?

  6. Robert Wayne February 5, 2012

    I don’t know why socks have become so unpopular with other guys in recent years, but I know I still like them. When I go sockless my feet stink. So whether it’s in style or not I’m going to continue to wear socks. Besides, sockless looks good on women, especially the ones with pretty legs and in shorts. Nobody cares about looking at mine or any other guy’s hairy legs…LOL.

  7. George February 13, 2012

    Robert Wayne :

    I don’t know why socks have become so unpopular with other guys in recent years, but I know I still like them. When I go sockless my feet stink. So whether it’s in style or not I’m going to continue to wear socks. Besides, sockless looks good on women, especially the ones with pretty legs and in shorts. Nobody cares about looking at mine or any other guy’s hairy legs…LOL.

    Sockless is just a trend, although one that’s caught on pretty good. I never go sockless but I do wear no-show socks which are practically invisible from the shoe. You should try them; I think they’ll solve the odor problem.

  8. Will March 25, 2012

    I only go sockless if I’m wear flip fops. Most of the time I wear the ankle socks with my shorts. I’ve got hairy legs, so yea I don’t go sockless that much.

    1. George March 25, 2012


      have you considered trimming the hair on your legs? Not shaving, just trimming it down a little.

  9. Antome September 10, 2013

    Once in a while I might use no socks with loafers or boat shoes, but most of the time I prefer to wear black or dark ankle socks with them, even when in shorts.
    I never liked low cut socks, this is their height more or less http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Hanesbrands/OHP_22844_Black?$productLarge$.

  10. Sockless Sam March 1, 2014

    I experience the opposite – my feet overheat when I wear socks. They become stink filled sponges of foot sweat when I take them off. even with foot powder, insoles, etc. When I go sockless, my feet smell far less.
    #1 – Scrub your feet every morning with loofah scrub
    #2 – Moisiturize your feet with god bonds medicated moisturizer, let dry
    #3 – Rotate insoles regularly
    #4 sprinkle generous amount of gold bonds medicated body powder onto the insole and inside the shoe
    Go sockless all day – your feet will be dry. Air will circulate around your foot with every step, counterbalancing the sweat.
    #5 – Stuff paper into your shoes after you take them off to absorb any residual moisture (which will be far less than socks) – this also helps keep the form and body of the shoe

    Follow this hygienic routine and you will not smell and please remember, NEVER go sockless in pants/jeans/trousers that are wide leg cut. ALWAYS wear slim cut pant legs – i am not saying skinny jean rocker type nonsense, but the wide cut of a dress pant does not work for the sockless look. Always slim.

  11. Sockless Sam March 1, 2014

    No one wants to look at your feet. if you have hairy legs, you likely have hairy toe knuckles. But honestly, do one wants to see MAN FEET. Yuck. I don;t care fi you have a pedi. It is still inappropriate.@Will

  12. Anto February 20, 2015

    @Sockless Sam
    Hi, late reply but now yours are interesting tips, thanks.
    “NEVER go sockless in pants/jeans/trousers that are wide leg cut.” well I only consider not wearing socks when I’m already in shorts and I also only wear sandals with them. I wear boat shoes and loafers also in trousers, but always with socks in this case, unlike with shorts.
    #2 and #3 are a bit more complex but I can try.
    Only criticism, you’ve been a bit rude to harsh to will and even, you say no one wants to see man feet, which I understand if by man feet you mean ungroomed ones, but you say you don’t care even if they’re pedicured and yet you talk about not using socks. Unless you mean in formal situations.
    Ok thinning out leg hair with trimmer if very hairy, but that’s not imperative. This makes me think about the pressure women receive, which is much greater than theser relatively rare example.

  13. Michael October 29, 2015

    When I wear socks I sweat 50,000 times more than when I go soulless (which is everyday). I find socks beyond disgusting. They are keeping sweat pressed up against your feet like clinging sponges of bacteria. By going sockless there is more air in the shoe. Additionally. You wear foot powder, (gold Bonds medicated will keep you unbelievably dry ALL DAY. Antiperspirant moisturizer, short nails, stuff your shoes with paper (or wood tress)and don’t wear more than 3 days in a row. Common sense hygiene will keep your feet fresh sockless more than socks!!! Also it is fine to go sockless in suits just make sure it is a slim cut leg. You cannot pull off this look in regular or wide leg pants. If you try you will fail. NO DAD PANTS. Fitted only no matter what body size


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