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Men’s Trench Coat: The Perfect Ally Against The Rain

photo: menstrenchcoats.org

News flash: it’s raining outside. Ever since September came along, it’s been pouring here. We need an armor against this flood… How about a rain coat?

I never got why we’re so little concerned with coats. Sure, a leather jacket is shorter and lighter . We only choose it because we see everyone else wearing it.

But rain coats are way more classy than leather jackets.

If you’re more interested in a “motorcycle guy look” or a rocker look, coats are not for you (except for those long, black leather trench coats that almost touch the ground in length). Leather jackets are and will remain your first option.

But if you’re not that kind of guy (most men don’t own a motorcycle, neither do they go for the rocker look when they dress), you’ll find some pretty good ideas in this article for upgrading your fall wardrobe.

What’s the most stylish rain coat?

If you don’t want to read this whole thing and you just want the quick answer, I’ll tell it to you right now: the trench coat.

The original trench is (still) made by Burberry and has it’s origin in the coat that soldiers used to wear in World War I.

The trench can be made of wool, cotton, poplin, gabardine or leather.

It has a whole history behind it but let’s not discuss that right now. Let’s focus on the reasons you should get one.

If you want to look classy…
If you want to show you dress good…
If you want to stand by wearing an article of clothing that few men under the age of 30 wear…
And, most of all, if you want to protect your clothes (especially your suit) from the rain…

The trench is the solution.

It comes in longer or shorter version but the main thing is that it’s always longer than a leather jacket. That’s the

Who used to wear the trench?

The trench coat remained in fashion (surprisingly) after the end or World War II. It was worn by Dick Tracy, the famous comic book detective and by chief-inspector Clouseau from the move Pink Panther 2.

The length

The trench comes in both longer or shorter versions. Some are up until the half of your quadriceps while others touch your knees.

How many rows of buttons?

The trench can be single (one row of buttons) or double breasted (two rows of buttons).

The single breasted one will make you look taller/thinner while the double breasted one, since it’s less common, will make you stand out more.

The choice is yours.

What can I wear the trench with?

The trench coat can be worn with anything: jeans, V-neck sweaters etc. This means BOTH formal and casual outfits. This is why it’s so versatile and this is why I recommend it.

Incearca pe cat posibl sa faci putin contrast cu pantalonii (si cu jacheta de costum sau puloverul in caz ca il porti descheiat).

The color

By tradition, the trench comes in neutral colors. You’d make a very big mistake if you got one in a color that stands out too much. Since it will cover most of your body, you’ll stand out but in a negative way.

* If you just want to show you’re classy, without standing out too much, go for darker colors, such as dark gray, black or navy blue;

* If you want to stand out a little more, try khaki.

At the very least, try to make a contrast between your trench coat and your pants and try to match it with your sweater or whatever you’re wearing under it, if you keep it unbuttoned.

… And since we’re talking about how to wear it…

as long as it’s not raining, by wearing it unbuttoned, you’ll look more masculine.


The trench is one of those coats that will scream “class” the moment you put it on. My rating is…

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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