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Amazing Earth Tones Combinations for Guys

One thing that I realized while looking at my own outfits is that I’m more into color than I am into patterns. My outfits are vivid, yet I don’t wear (usually) more than 2 patterns at the same time.

So I figured I’d share a few tips about some of the colors that I personally use to create those “wow effects”. Let’s talk earth colors.

Just what are the earth tone colors?

Earth tone colors are a group of colors that have 2 traits:

1. They mimmick some of nature’s elements (moss, trees, leaves, earth etc.)
2. They can be incorporated to make a great looking fashion outfit.

The earth colors palette consists of:

– browns
– yellows
– grays
– greens
– oranges
– taupe
– ivory
– some shades of red

Earth tones have fancy names, such as:

green earth:

yellow ochre:

red ochre:

or burnt siena:

Why Earth tones?

It’s pretty obvious but wearing earth tones is yet another way to make us more “in-tune” with mother nature. However, this does NOT mean you should “blend in” with the planet each and every season.

Each season has a set of recommended colors and the earth colors we’re talking about are best suited in autumn and a few of them in spring (think whites and ivory).

The worst season to wear earth colors is winter. However, take this advice lightly, as it’s really hard to pull off amazing outfits AND wear only season-specific colors. You need a huge wardrobe for that. Most stylish guys don’t follow this rule all the time.

The biggest reason you should wear earth colors is this: they’re ballsy, yet they don’t scream…. unless you wear too lighter shades.

If you think in terms of earth colors, you tend to stay away from the boring black that most guys wear.

Ballsy style rule #1: brown is the new black

Brown is an earth color that every guy should consider. If you’re new to style and you just started learning from me, try to avoid buying black clothes and accessories for a while. Stick with brown and you’ll make a huge progress from where you are now.

Ballsy style rule #2: the ballsier the color, the less you should use it

Colors such as camel or yellow stand out a lot. I have a camel pea coat and I feel the difference when I wear it.

Unless you’re more advanced in style, wear brighter colors (even white) in small quantities. A pair of yellow gloves, a bright orange scarf or a pair of glasses with red frames – these are all examples of what I like to call “discrete colors”.

Brown, khaki, taupe and grey, on the other hand, are safe to consist the basis of your outfit. You can wear them in larger quantities (think chinos, pea coats, shirts, V-necks) and get away with it.

But let’s see some concrete examples so you can get a better idea of earth colors in action.

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George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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