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How Dating Changes When You’re Older Than 30

Going on a date is extremely fun but it can be nerve-racking getting to go on a date with your dream girl. Some people don’t have a problem asking the hottest girl out on a date. Others have a problem asking a girl out even though they know she’s interested.

When you’re in your teens or early twenties, there isn’t so much pressure when it comes to your career and overall success. It’s easy to follow trends when it comes to clothing and you generally have much more time for yourself. This allows you to work on your looks which are by far the most important thing at this period.

After this period, things start to change drastically. The older you are, the harder it gets to find a suitable date, especially if you’re looking for something more serious than a one-night stand.

Different Things Become Important

After you’ve hit the 30-year mark, you’ll notice that a lot has changed from the time you were in your early twenties. You’ll discover that wearing trendy clothes isn’t as important anymore while having a career plan is much more interesting than which college you’re attending and what kind of music you like.

Girls aren’t girls anymore – they are women who are either focused on their career and looking for someone to have casual sex with or they’re looking for a serious relationship. This means that the hype-clothing, fancy watches, expensive phones, and cars aren’t things that will help you win them over. This is the time when your career and personality come into the spotlight. Your clothes also play an important role, especially at the beginning, but in a completely different way.

Experience In Bed Plays A Huge Role At This Age

Sexual experience is something most people overlook when they reach this point in their life. Women at this age looking for smart choices as well as active and satisfying sex life. What people forget is that we all have needs and those needs are much more specific when you’re over thirty years of age. Women especially know what they like and don’t like at this age so their partner needs to know how to satisfy them.

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Depending on areas you’re least experienced in, you can find escorts based on the services you’re willing to try. London is the city with the largest selection of escorts so you don’t need to think about whether you’ll find an escort, but when. If you know exactly what kind of service you’re interested in and what kind of girls you like, you’ll shorten the search time significantly!

Your Style Should Change As Well

Even though physical appearance is the first thing someone notices about you, after you’ve reached the age of thirty, it won’t be the only thing that leaves an impression.

If you’re looking to meet someone, you should dress appropriately. When you’re 30 or older, women will look for a man who is dressed nicely and decently. It doesn’t mean you should fully suit up and wear a bow tie all the time, but you should forget about wearing sweatpants, trendy sneakers, and hoodies. People of your age should wear polo shirts, jeans or chinos, and leather sneakers for example. Depending on what you do and what kind of person you’re looking for, that’s how you should dress.

Having a daily workout routine, a healthy diet, and working on your skills is one of the most attractive things to women. Not only do women love organized men, but you’re more likely to be successful at anything you do if you have the self-discipline 99% of your peers don’t have. You’ll look better, feel better and you’ll realize soon enough that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Women Know What They Want At This Age

The biggest difference you’ll notice if you’re still dating is that the women know exactly what they’re looking for in a man. It’s not the case when it comes to all women older than 30, but the vast majority knows what they want. Younger girls are mostly experimenting and it’s a miracle if you find a girl in her early twenties who knows exactly what she wants in life.

These women expect the same from you. You should know by the age of 30 where your life is headed and what you want your life to look like. Having a specific career choice is probably the most important thing because it will determine the lifestyle you’ll be living in the future. This doesn’t mean that the woman you’re dating is interested in how much money you’re making, but the way her and your life will look like in 10 to 15 years.

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