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Peacocking or How to Skyrocket Your Success With Women

If you’ve been in the dating game for a while, you’ve probably heard of the tern “peacocking”. Not many people talk about it, it’s something you get some initial info about – but that’s it.

So, if you have little or no information about it, you’ll NEVER know how to apply it. After all, dressing to openly stand out in a venue is not something you want to screw up. You’ll end up making a fool of yourself and… go home alone.


If you get peacocking right, you’ll see results that will blow your mind. Why?

Because too many guys have big dreams of dating supermodels. They think women are little robots that respond to their stimulus-response “routines” or “natural game”.

I’ve seen them both and all I can say is… all of this give other men the ILLUSION of success. Why? Because all they can do is make a girl laugh but never take her phone number (god forbid having sex with her).

They think they’re close by counting the number of minutes they can stay in a set.


The reality is…

If you’re a average Joe, does showing no value at all other than making good sexual conversation get you anywhere with women that are better looking than YOU?

Ooops, let me rephrase that:

If you have a Ferrari with 3 Ferrari wheels and the 4th one made of wood, how far can you get?

Even if you have every other aspect going well for you: you’re tall, you have enough money, you’ve been with a reasonable number of women… if you’re going for one particular who happens to be sick of poorly dressed guys, you’re out!

And I’m talking of both shy and party girls here. They all care about a man’s fashion (though they never say it).

Most guys in the game are young, jobless, can say a few interesting things, have a medium level skill of “being in the moment”, “being themselves” or “just enjoying the set”.

That’s nice but, did you happen to hang out with guys that have been with 20+ women? With guys that get results? Did you study them?

Chances are 90% of them peacock in one form or another, while the others are rich or have good connections.

Peacocking is actually not that is done blindly, but something that goes hand in had with your personality and aspirations. This means there are different types of avatars you can create for yourself, depending on who you are and the type of girl you want.

Remember, peacocking is not just about showing your personality but also to send signals to the right women that you’re interested.

So, what are the different types of women who respond to different avatars?

It all comes down to their way of viewing life.

So ask yourself this: do you want a party girl, a business woman or a librarian type of woman? Do you want a clubber girl or a more conservative type? Keep in mind a businesswoman can also hit the clubs at night so there’s no clear border between those types.

Here’s my insight on peacocking:

If you want to know what to wear, look at what she’s wearing!

Like attracts like and, through the way she dresses, SHE sends signals too.

If you want to pick-up the hottest girl in the club, wearing the shortest white mini skirt that almost shows her undies… do you think you stand a chance if you’re wearing jeans and a Pepsi t-shirt?

Unless you look handsome genetically, probably not. When you approach, she’s going to process everything about you and ask herself: can this guy give me a fun time, can he make me feel safe, does he know a lot of people or is he just good looking?

To those types of girls, there is one thing about style that pushes their button: accessories.

Honest advice about peacocking:

Wear a leather bracelet or a few casual rings, along with a nice clubbing outfit, then just play your own game!

Of course, if you’re *not* the bad boy type, you’ll look ridiculous wearing those kinds of accessories. In this case, you dating a party girl is probably not gonna go anywhere, anyway.

If the “bad boy avatar” is not for you, there are a few other ones that might suit you.

If you’re the quiet type and you don’t like to go to clubs that much, but still enjoy going out a lot, casual dressing is for you.

NEWS FLASH: Shy, quiet girls are attracted to guys who wear nice clothes too! They may be turned off by leather bracelets but they *love* a pair of nice brogue shoes on a guy. Or a nice polo shirt that matches the rest of your outfit.

There’s an avatar to attract practically any type of woman out there. An avatar that matches your personality. the key is to look at all of them and figure out which one you’d feel comfortable wearing.

Let’s do a small exercise right now

Take a look at the picture below:

With which of the guys do you identify yourself most with?

1. The businessman
2. The bad-boy
3. The casual guy

Both have advantages and disadvantages but you should go for the one that you resonate most with.

Oh, and… don’t be afraid to try different styles. You never know which one you might start liking. Your personal style will evolve in time, as you grow old so… don’t be afraid to experiment and evolve.

Use peacocking to express your personality and stand out from the crowd and, unless you really suck at talking with girls, you WILL get them.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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