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5 Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist

Why do you think it’s good to have a nice hairstyle? Why do you think? Is it just for the ladies, to make them turn heads? Is it to look cool? While those two reasons are perfectly valid, the main reason should be your overall style.

There is no point in buying the most fancy clothes and building a great image if your hairstyle sucks.  Not so long ago in the past, men didn’t care much about their hair. Nowadays, it’s a different story. More and more men are opting for a hairstylist rather than a routine barber visit.

So, this article is all about going to the stylist and asking the right questions. It’s all about the questions here. Let’s see which they are.

1.Will it look good on me?

When choosing a new hairstyle, you should consider your facial shape. You can be one of the following:

  1. Oval
  2. Round
  3. Triangular
  4. Square
  5. Pear-shaped
  6. Long
  7. Diamond

A Round Face: Stay away from full or round hairstyles as they will make the face appear more round. you want to create balance, not to highlight your roundness. If you do that , your head will look like a basketball.

Keep the sides trimmed short and style the hair a bit higher at the top and front to provide balance. An off-center part or some waves at eye level will help minimize roundness. Round faces are better with more square hairstyles. Examples of a male celebrities with a round faces are Elijah Wood and Jack Black.

A Square Face: Here it’s very much like the round face.You want to rise the overall shape of the face, to shift the attention from your shape.

Keep the hair clean around the ears and make sure the style mirrors the square shape of the face – this will help make the square face shape pop. David Beckham is probably the most famous celebrity with a square face.


An Oval Face: If you have an oval face, you’re a lucky guy. Almost any style goes with this . That said, attention should be paid to other prominent features such as the nose and position of the eyes and ears. Jude Law is one good example of oval face.


A Long Face: A style which is longer on the sides and short on top will make the face appear less long and provide better balance. Go with a cut that has some layers and is worn so the front hairline is disguised. A neatly groomed beard can help provide additional balance.

Too long facial hair will lengthen the face; don’t do it. Glasses can also provide balance by dividing the face and drawing attention away from the length of the face.

Look at Eminem :


A Triangular Face: To balance out a triangular face shape, choose a style that will narrow your forehead area and add the illusion of width to the chin. An offset part with bangs swept to the side and a beard can help accomplish this.

Justin Timberlake is the perfect example for a triangular face. Speaking of Justin, he once did the mistake of adopting a Caesar cut, which made his head look like a tennis ball, inn other words, widened his forehead. Don’t make the same mistake.


A Diamond Face: For the diamond face shape, the goal is to minimize wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. To do this, opt for a style with bangs to minimize the forehead. Longer shag hairstyles also work well for the diamond face.


2. Is it a hard style to maintain?

This is an important question. You might have the fanciest hairstyle, but if it takes too much to maintain, it’s a poor investment. A few tweaks with hair gel are ok, but more complex operations like straightening the hair, or watching how you sleep, are not so ok.

3. How do I style it?

You might wash your hair afterward. The hairstylist should be able to fully explain to you how to style it again to it’s original shape.

4.What are the best hair products for my type?

Hair gel, wax, brushes, hair straighteners, you name it. It’s another matter you should discuss with your stylist. This is for maintaining your hairstyle.

5. What are your credentials ?

Credentials are usually the main difference between a neighborhood barber and a certified hairstylist. You might get fooled though, but it’s a pretty good indication of the man’s prowess.
The only thing for me to say to all of you now is to consult the Yellow Pages. Flip to the hairstylists section and start making appointments. You won’t regret it.
George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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