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How to Get A Haircut if You’re Balding

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Hair loss and balding is common as men age, but it can be psychologically devastating even to the most confident of men. Some men choose chemical treatments for hair growth or toupees to deal with the problem, whereas other men choose to embrace their baldness. If you notice extra hair in the sink or spots on your head that your hair no longer covers, consider changing your look with a new haircut.


  1. Ask your hair stylist for a textured crop when you first notice signs of balding. A textured crop ads lots of mini layers to a short haircut to create the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair. This classic look is always in style and is ideal for thinning hair or first development of a bald spot.
  2. Try a messy ‘do to take attention away from your baldness. Thinning hair can look even more sparse when it is overly styled. A haircut that looks unkept gives the illusion of volume. A messy style leaves longer, tousled layers on top, which work well to conceal the beginning stages of a bald spot.
  3. Go with a faux-hawk cut if you are experiencing male pattern baldness or have a receding hairline. This cut is also sometimes called fohawk. This newer version of the classic mohawk hairstyle involves leaving the hair longer on the sides than the mohawk cut.
    • After the cut, your hair can be brushed back or parted and brushed to the side for a more conservative look, or whipped into shape using styling gel or wax.
  4. Opt for a buzz cut as your hairline recedes further or your bald spot spreads. Rather that try to hide the balding, some men decide to embrace it by getting a buzz cut which provides a clean cut appearance. A buzz cut is a generic term for a variety of short cuts done with clippers or a razor. Talk to your hair stylist to determine the best length for your cut.
  5. Choose a close shave as your baldness progresses. This haircut, also known as a straight shave or a close buzz cut, takes all of the hair off of your head creating a chic, refined look.
    • Consider the shape of your head when deciding if a buzz cut or a close shave will work for you. Both of these styles accent the shape of your head, which is not usually noticeable when it is adorned with hair.
    • Facial hair, such as a goatee or a beard sometimes helps to improve the overall look of a close shave.


  • Some male balding is a result of genetics and there is nothing that can be done about it. However, sometimes balding can be slowed down or prevented if the cause is not genetic. Stress, calcium deposits, and certain medications can lead to premature balding. Talk to your doctor if you are going bald and it does not run in your family.

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