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[I Bought] Brown Leather Sneakers and a Brown Belt

brown zara leather belt

Prices are continuing to drop in February so I had to do an emergency budget increase. I went back to Zara where shirts are getting cheaper and cheaper… but since I already got 2 of them last month I picked up this cool-looking leather belt. It’s really thin, which gives it a dose of formality.

I also found a great deal over at Pull and Bear and got myself a pair of leather sneakers at an unbeatable price. Here’s my two acquisitions below:

Item: belt
Fabric: 100% ox leather
Color: brown
Brand: Zara
Store: Zara
Price: $12 (on February 5th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: my dyed blue jeans, brown sneakers, brown loafers, a green top, a white shirt, my blue shirts etc. etc.

Aaand my sneakers look like this (you can see how the two acquisitions go well together):

Item: sneakers
Fabric: leather
Color: brown
Brand: Pull and Bear
Store: Pull and Bear
Price: $30 (on February 5th 2012)
I’ll be wearing them with: my dyed blue jeans, regular jeans, my grey chinos, a green top and a white shirt, my blue shirts, my brown leather belts etc. etc.

George Lavas

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