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[I Bought] Brown Cotton Shorts, a Denim Tie and an Ascot

brown shorts

I’m really excited whenever I buy accessories and you will too once you see the photos. Although the prices were not discounted, I think I got pretty decent deals compared with what the other stores had to offer.

One more thing: if you’re going to make more than one purchase, always use a car to visit as many stores as possible in one day.

Item: Shorts (+ bonus canvas belt)
Fabric: cotton
Color: brown
Brand: Pull and Bear
Price: $29 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing them with: boat shoes, loafers, sneakers, shirts (both long sleeved and short sleeved), polo shirts, t-shirts

These shorts were the best quality for the money. Plus, they let me keep the belt they had on which will work perfectly with my boat shoes.

Item: Slim tie
Fabric: cotton/denim
Color: blue
Brand: Mustang
Price: $18 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: by light blue shirt, my brown shirt, my shit shirt and, of course, with regular blue jeans

I don’t usually visit mustang due to their higher than average prices but I did so today. I never had the chance to buy a denim tie and, given it’s fair price I didn’t hesitate much.

Since this is an unexpected place to be wearing denim, I’ll always make sure I pair it with some other denim item of clothing, be it jeans or a denim shirt.

Item: Ascot tie
Fabric: silk
Color: light blue with brown and purple
Brand: Seroussi
Price: $31 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: my dark brown shirt (which was the main reason I got this), my light blue shirt etc.

Ascot ties are great. They’re a classic accessory that few people wear them and, to be honest, I’m puzzled why.

George Lavas

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