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Exclusive Interview with Bernhard Roetzel, author of the book “Gentleman, a Timeless Guide To Fashion”


bernhard roetzel

I’m excited. I’m really excited. I sent an e-mail to Mr. Roetzel but little did I know he would be so prompt in answering me back. The answers to the interview questions, which were sent by e-mail were just as prompt.

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Roetzel wrote the book “Gentleman, a Timeless Guide To Fashion”, a style bestseller which you can find on Amazon and, most likely, a bookstore near you. I purchased it 2 years ago and I open it regularly to refresh my memory when it comes to the subtleties of style.

Mr. Roetzel agreed to an interview for BeStylish.org and FiiCuStil.ro (the Romanian version of this blog). I’m sure that his advice will help you tremendously on your style journey. Let’s begin.

George Lazăr:

Mister Bernhard Roetzel,
Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview.

What are the biggest style mistakes you see guys make?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

You can only make mistakes if you dress with an intention to show some sort of style. Most guys don’t dress with this intention so they can’t make a mistake. If you do have an intention to express something with your style don’t just copy others. Try to show something of your personality. Otherwise you will look like everybody else. Look how similar all these men look that visit PITTI. It’s ridiculous to call them well dressed.

George Lazăr:

Do you remember a time where style played an important role in a social situation? What happened?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

I was looking for a children’s bed the other day at IKEA in Berlin with my wife and children when I ran into someone who is always very well dressed at events. At IKEA he was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flipflops while I was wearing khaki pants, a linen jacket, a dress shirt and suede loafers. I don’t care what people wear but I always leave home in clothes that I wouldn’t have to be ashamed of in case I was photographed by someone.

George Lazăr:

If you just found out about style and you wanted to find your own sense of style, where would you start?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

You must find out what you want to express with your clothes. The message comes first, the means to express the message are only the second step.

George Lazăr:

What do you think about the so-called “style for attraction”, where men dress to stand out by means of bold colors, multiple patterns and wearing clothing items in unusual ways (rolling up their pants and shirts, wearing suit jackets with shorts etc.)?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

If somebody wants to stand out he can do this in various ways. Most ways are not really original though. I find that I stand out in most crowds by trying not to stand out and dressing in the most conservative way possible.

George Lazăr:

What do you think of guys who wear other items of clothing which you don’t talk about in your book, “Gentleman – A timeless guide to Fashion”? For instance, rockers, bikers or guys who prefer military style. Do you see each avatar as a distinct style or rather a not-so-fortunate attempt to stand out?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

I prefer any style to no style at all. I know that people have very different ideas about the way they want to look. I have no right and no intention to give anybody unwanted advice. I know that the majority of people don’t like the way I dress.

George Lazăr:

Can you reach a point where you dress so stylishly that you start “depending” on clothes (such that you reach a point where, if you don’t have anything stylish to wear, you’d rather not even leave the house)? Do you think you can overdo it in style?

Mr. Bernhard Roetzel:

Of course you can overdo it. But who is the one to give this judgement? I think that one shouldn’t be ruled by questions of dress alone. It’s healthy to remember that most of us could be very happy with less clothes and less things that we own. Sometimes styles really begins with reduction. I have far less clothes than many people would imagine.

These were his answers. You can find Bernhard Roetzel at the following address:


George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based between the UK & US he enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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  1. James D'Souza August 15, 2012

    Great interview! I like the way you dig deeper about what style actually is – I do feel it’s about really getting to know yourself before embarking on a style journey.

  2. Lovemore Ruwende September 30, 2014

    I liked Berhhard’s approach to dressing in that;
    a) Dressing should be a personal issue not copy cat.
    b) The way a person dresses tells a story.
    c) Dressing should be conservative in others you do not need a big wardrobe to look and feel good.

  3. Reader January 31, 2015

    Am I the only one feels that he did not really answer any of your questions?


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