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Why Relationships Are So Important: Intimacy vs. Isolation

We at BeStylish.org are currently covering a wide range of important mental health topics for both male and females. This article will cover an important health theory, intimacy vs isolation and the Erik Erikson development schedule.

Referred to by many medical professionals, Erik Erikson was a 20th century psychologist who analyzed and divided the human experience into eight stages of development. The idea presented by Dr Erikson is that each stage has a unique conflict and a unique result. This article covers the 6th stage of development: intimacy versus isolation, and the struggle young adults have developing intimate and loving relationships. A good article on this theory is here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/intimacy/what-else-you-dont-know-about-erik-eriksons-intimacy-vs-isolation

Whilst most men develop the skills required to have both intimate and loving relationships, there are still those that don’t have these skills resulting in isolation and loneliness. Many people that have experienced failed relationships understand that the result can be loneliness and isolation.

Why Relationships Are So Important

There are many studies that state that healthy relationships are a vital component of health and well-being. Strong relationships contribute to a happy, content and healthy life. If you are feeling isolated then it is important to seek outside counseling and potentially a therapist. Relationships are truly imperative for many different reasons including the creation of stability all-round general emotional well- being that they bring. During times of stress, relationships can be needed and give the strength needed to get through the situations and difficulties.

Result of Isolation and Loneliness

It is important to understand the negative issues that can result from isolation and loneliness. Being aware of isolation is the first step to changing your lifestyle in which you should aim to be around those closest to you. If you are struggling to maintain and form relationships then use the resources from local government or recommended websites to seek help. Social isolation can be a vital factor in loneliness which leads to depression. Loneliness is both a cause and a consequence of mental health.

Social isolation can be a vital factor in loneliness which leads to depression.


Most healthy relationships are built on the result of many elements of development and knowing how to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. If you are struggling to maintain or form relationships then we recommend you look at outside counseling to get a perspective. These professionals can also help you be strategic in developing the skills you may need to create healthy relationships.

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