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Are Men’s Military Shirts Stylish?

If you’d like to wear a shirt but aren’t into dress shirts at all, you’re probably looking for a casual alternative. How about a military shirt?

When most men think about a military shirt, they imagine an ugly camouflage shirt. But today’s stylish military shirts are not like that at all. They have very good fabric and colors (as you are about to see).

So why are they still called “military” then? Well, they do keep some elements from the original models worn by the soldiers. One is the epaulets and the other is the front pockets.

These two elements are actually a blessing if you’re thin because they will make you look bigger. This is actually one of the best guarded secrets about how to look “larger”. Instead of wearing a normal shirt two sizes too large (which will make you look ridiculous anyway), try a military shirt that fits you perfectly. The epaulets will make your shoulders look bigger and the front pockets will make a more prominent chest.

photo: ethicalstyle.com

What you have in the picture above is a perfect example of a stylish military shirt. It looks good, it makes the guy look bigger and the sleeves can be rolled up if it’s too hot outside. It goes perfectly in any casual situation.

What can military shirts go well with?

Whether you’re a jeans person or a dress pants person – it doesn’t matter. Military shirts go very well with both. The thing that matters is how to match it with your outfit. In order to really bring out the potential, you need to make sure all colors go well together. This of course means you need some color coordination advice as well as some practice.

To get you started, here are some outfits which include of military shirts.

One important thing: most military shirtscan either be worn tucked or untucked. (You’ve probably already noticed this from the pictures.) This is something you need to figure out for yourself depending on the outfit.

George Lavas

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