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How UGG Boots Can Ruin Any Man’s Style


I’m usually pretty fair when it comes to men’s style: I accept and understand many styles. I don’t care if you’re a hip hopper or a rocker, I respect your style.

The hip-hop and rocker avatars have many things every guy out there should appreciate. That’s because such outfits tell a story and have a history behind them.

But some things just don’t belong in a man’s wardrobe. Some clothing outfits, apart from standing out in a weird way, don’t communicate anything.

Here’s a few examples:

  • t-shirts with big company logos on them (Any Google fans in here? Nah, just kidding)
  • men’s skirts (are turning into women THAT fast?)
  • crocs (unless you’re a “little man” of age 8 and below)
  • shutter shades glasses
  • and, of course…. UGG boots

What are UGG boots anyway?

In short, UGG boots are women’s boots “borrowed” by men. They can make a hot babe look stunning as fast as they can make and average man look like he’s going whale hunting. In fact, I think that’s what Ben Affleck is just about to do (not sure why he needs the tie for?)

photo: citythatbreeds.com

They are usually made of sheepskin and have rubber soles (some are made of kangaroo skin).

Where are they coming from?

It’s not clear whether UGG boots first appeared in Australia or New Zeeland – nobody knows for sure.

Why I don’t like them

The reason I hat them is they cannot make a fashion statement. They’re big, chunky and unbalance the entire outfit. Yes, they can attract attention… But is this the kind of attention you want?

There are plenty of clothing items that men borrowed from women. For instance, scarves (scarves were actually first worn by men in Ancient Rome but I’m talking about scarves as a fashion accessory).

Unlike UGG boots, scarves can look fantastic on most guys. They help match the outfits better and, if the contrast is good, they draw the eye towards the face. But my advice about UGG boots…

…don’t buy them!

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based between London and Tucson, Arizona he enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.



  1. Avatar
    Jeff November 6, 2010

    They were worn by men long before women. Women only started wearing them recently. Just because they became popular with woman does not mean men can’t wear them anymore. Here is the history of Uggs and you will see you were wrong.

  2. Avatar
    Jeff November 6, 2010

    Google Ugg boots and you will see the history, it won’t me put a link in.

  3. Avatar
    George November 7, 2010

    Thanks for mentioning that. Indeed they were first worn by men during the war but I’m referring strictly to the period after the 70s.

    I see them as womens’ shoes because women started wearing them to look more fashionable, then men borrowed them back for the same purpose.

  4. Avatar
    Jeff November 7, 2010

    I know mostly women wear them now, but just becuase women mostly wear them does not mean men can’t. People have to get over these gender stereotypes. They are just boots. I have never been a person who cares about fashion, so to me footwear is just something that covers your feet, and has nothing to do with fashion. And I think they are ugly and the most unfashinable thing ever. I love my Uggs, but in no way is it a fashion statement. Women wear mens clothes all the time, so people need to get over men wearing men’s Uggs.

  5. Avatar
    George November 7, 2010

    You said it yourself: they are ugly and not a fashion statement. Here at be stylish we’re trying to focus on fashionable things and try to avoid those that don’t look good.

    Sure, just because women wear an item of clothing doesn’t mean men can’t. I gave the example of scarves in the article (I personally wear scarves almost every day).

    It just so happens that how women look great in UGG boots while men don’t.

  6. Avatar
    Jeffrey Day November 8, 2010

    I think Uggs look awful on anyone. But to me shoes aren’t fashion. They are like socks to me, something just used to cover the feet. Fashion should not include footwear. So I think people need to stop focusing on peoples footwear and not judge a persons fashion or a person by their shoes. I would never dress girly. And to me anyone,should be able to wear Uggs, without being judged. They are the most comtorable thing ever. Men should be allowed to be comtorable also.

  7. Avatar
    George November 9, 2010

    I’m not sure why fashion (better said, style) should not include footwear?

    You say everyone should be wearing UGGs (or anything else for that matter) and I agree to some level. If you like to wear something, wear it and stop worrying about what other people think.

    But on the other had you say that you wouldn’t dress girly. My question for you is: what does “girly” mean to you?

    Because tome, UGG boots are plain old “girly”.

    What we think as girly is up to a level influenced of what others say, whether we like it or not.

  8. Avatar
    Jeffrey Day November 10, 2010

    Girly to me is heels, dresses, skirts, leggings. But ugly shoes that look like slippers are too ugly to be girly. Uggs are hideous and the most unfashionable things next to crocs. They are won for comfort not style. I wear Uggs for comfort, it’s not a fashion statement. I would never wear them to work or to go out with a girl or to a club. I guess what I’m saying is it is to ugly to be girly.

  9. Avatar
    Jose December 1, 2010

    Australian men surfers actually started the trend of ugg boots all over again. The only reason women are now known for wearing ugss more often then men is because Pamela Anderson started the trend back on Bay Watch.

  10. Avatar
    Fétichisme du latex December 16, 2010

    Now,many people like to wear UGG boots.It has been the fashion.I love them too.They are comfortable and warm.

  11. Avatar
    polo shirts May 26, 2011

    Now,many people like to wear UGG boots.It has been the fashion.I love them too.They are comfortable and warm.

  12. Avatar
    George June 4, 2011

    Many people wear socks with sandals as well. That doesn’t make it right. 🙂

  13. Avatar
    Paul May 4, 2012

    I’m with the author. The whole point of this website is to offer fashion advice to help men look better. If you wear Uggs, YOU WILL NOT LOOK BETTER! You will look ridiculous! There are far more suitable and dare I say fashionable alternatives for keeping your feet warm than these monstrocities…

  14. Avatar
    ajay June 14, 2012

    @Jeffrey Day
    not only do uggs look like slippers, THEY ARE SLIPPERS! I seriously don’t know why American’s got the idea that it is appropriate to wear them outside of the confines of ones own home! When I was in the US at the beginning of the year I was so surprised that so many people were wearing them as real shoes, because they aren’t!
    Here in Australia you get a pair of UGG boots and wear them as slippers, inside your own home only, during winter. Some people wear them all year round (my housemate for example) but you don’t leave the house in them. Take a look at the soles – they’re not designed to be worn heavily, so wearing them inside only means you can hang onto a pair for much longer.
    I actually don’t have UGG Australia ones at the moment, but I have had them and they’re essentially the same as what I have now… funnily enough called ‘home boots’.

  15. Avatar
    Jordan August 7, 2012

    I hate to burst your bubble, but UGG Boots were originally worn by surfers in Australia. Manly male surfers. They had used them to keep their feet warm. Then “Ugg” boots came to the USA. Women had taken a liking to them to. Eventually many female celebrity’s stated to take a likeing to them, and had strutted around in them. Ever since then, females are the dominate wearers of “Ugg boots.” Ir also gave a pretty nasty idea to people and think that if a guy wears them, he’s gay. That is only an assumption. Not all men that wear uggs are gay. Point is, uggs for mainly used by guys and then “borrowed” by women. I

  16. Avatar
    George August 7, 2012


    No bubble has been burst. I’m looking at this from a stylish perspective. And they are NOT cool for men. It’s not about gayness, it’s about wearing stuff that expresses masculinity.

    And UGGs just don’t do that, as compared to, say, a pair of desert boots or a pair of brogues.

  17. Avatar
    josh November 7, 2012

    im a man i have four pairs of ugg boots 2 are the classic style and 2 are the beacon. my fiance loves the look and feel of them and thinks im very manly for wearing them. they were made and worn by men. if you dont like how they look dont buy them. i on the other hand like the look of them on both men and women. dont hate uggs unless you have actually worn them and dont like them. i garuntee if you all tried a pair you’d never take them off

    1. Avatar
      George November 7, 2012

      Hey Josh,

      Agreed, anyone is entitled to their own opinion. This article is my own opinion and it’s just that. I actually want to congratulate you for knowing what you want.


  18. Avatar
    Lee November 13, 2012

    Ugg boots were originally made in New Zealand for male sheep farmers after ww1. Surfers adopted these during the 60’s ish,, in particular, male surfers. Since the mid-late 90’s, women of all types started wearing them as a fashion thing. Yes they can look good on “some women” theres a lot of fakes and copies out there now that most now look cheap and ridiculous. But pleased don’t be confused. These boots were made and designed for men.

  19. Avatar
    George November 13, 2012

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks a lot for the info! As I said in the article, I couldn’t find the origins of them. But I do know one thing for sure: nowadays they are considered women’s boots. There are lots of other boot options out there are are more manly.

  20. Avatar
    juelz December 9, 2012

    uggs were orignally for men.


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