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What’s Your Footwear Choice This Winter?

brogue boots

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when winter is getting close is this: they don’t choose footwear that can protect them from cold.

If you ever had the curiosity to watch how people dress in November, you definitely noticed one thing that made me smile just the other day: a lot of women are already wearing boots, while guys are still in their white sneakers.

Now I’m willing to bet you’ll see a lot of sneakers worn by guys even when it’s going to snow. That’s hilarious, right? Well, not as funny as the guy I saw the other day wearing sandals in November!

The good (?) news was that he wasn’t wearing any socks (thus, he didn’t break the no socks with sandals rule).

Whether you found those real world examples funny or not, it’s time to think about winter footwear.

Here are a few of my picks that I highly encourage you to wear. Some of these boots are expensive but don’t let that scare you. You can find cheaper footwear of almost the same quality if you keep your eyes open. Just make sure the shape and the fabric are the same (or close).

photo: leffot.com

photo: leffot.com

photo: leffot.com

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photo: esquire.com

photo: esquire.com


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