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The 6 Types of Hockey Fans

There are many reasons why hockey is the best sport! But the main reason for our boundless love for hockey is passion. The passion of players, coaches, and, above all, fans, makes hockey something we love.

When you go to a hockey game, you may encounter all kinds of passion and different categories of fans. We have identified 6 categories of fans that you meet at any NHL game, who will be familiar to you, and from which you may prefer to stay away.

1. Beginner

Usually, this is an adult who, for some unexplained reason, went to a hockey game for the first time in his life just to have a fun time with a companion. You can tell by his new jersey, which still has a price tag on it. The jersey doesn’t have a player’s last name because he doesn’t know anyone on the team yet.

2. Road fighter

It is recommended to stay away from this category. Not only will you be annoyed by the constant shouts of support for his team, but there is a high probability that, in the end, a fight will start between you. Save your nerves and ignore these fans, let them watch their team lose while everyone else celebrates the victory.

3. Mr Canada

Mr Canada can be very annoying. These fans were born and raised in Canada and are fully convinced that hockey belongs to them. They refuse to admit that there are a large number of countries that also play hockey. If you do fall into a trap, they will buzz to your ears that this game should have remained in the halls of the great white north.

4. Hockey fans

The Puck Bunny is a very rare fan category. Such girls adore hockey players. They go down and, leaning against the glass, with hope in their hearts, wait for their favourite player to wink at them or wave their hand during training.

It’s safe to say that the walls of their room are covered with posters depicting the player of their dreams. They are ready to do anything to attract the attention of their favourite hockey player, even if sometimes it may go beyond the bounds of decency … Bolton Escorts directory is the best source if you want to hire The Puck Bunny escorts.

5. Rivals

They live to hate their rivals. They mark the days on the calendar in which these games fall in red because they know that the stands will be restless. Hard verbal altercations and fights during such matches are almost guaranteed, but on the other hand, if they also behave on the ice, then why should the audience restrain themselves?

6. A dedicated fan

We left the best for last – a dedicated fan. This is a dedicated fan who lives, drinks, and eats just for the sake of his favourite team. In the family of such a fan, seasonal tickets have been passed down from generation to generation for at least three generations. In his wardrobe, you are unlikely to find items of clothing that do not match the colours of the team. Driving for 3 hours to see a game is not a hassle for them. Without such fans, there would be no one to show off on the big screen (well, except for the dancing guy)!


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