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Best Gear For Motorcycle Travel


If you love to travel and you love motorcycles, then you have a perfect getaway vehicle right at your fingertips. However, most bikers don’t head out on long-distance trips very often, which means that they don’t prepare themselves for the journey.

Don’t be a greenhorn when you take your first trip to another state or country. To help keep you and your bike safe, we recommend this gear:

Get New Tires

Unless you recently replaced your tires, odds are that they won’t hold up over a long-distance trek. Be sure to buy a quality brand, like Dunlop tires, so you can stay on the road without worrying about going flat or spinning out.

Get a Thicker Seat

If you can handle a quick one-hour ride, you may think that a full day’s journey will be no sweat. However, try sitting on your bike for eight hours and see how you feel. Most likely you will need extra padding, so you don’t go numb in your rear end. Your butt will thank you.

Get Comfortable Clothes

You should already have motorcycle gear that you wear on a daily basis to help keep you safe, but when it comes to long-distance rides, comfort is king. New motorcycle boots are especially crucial as your feet and hands will be the first to go. To help you last longer on the road, we suggest new boots, gloves, and pants. Also, be sure to change your underclothes regularly as they will be rank by the end of each day.

Get a Charger

If you use your phone as a GPS or like to have it around just in case, then you will want to get a charger so you can plug it in while you ride.

Get a New Helmet

Unless your current helmet is extremely comfortable and keeps the wind out of your face, we recommend getting one designed for long distance trips.Arai helmets are top quality and will provide extra comfort and safety.

Overall, when it comes to travel gear for motorcycles, be sure that your Dunlop tires are up to spec and you have the most comfortable gear possible.

George Lavas

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