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Has Anyone Won Big at an Online Casino?


Online casinos are big business — but has anyone ever won BIG? Let’s find out! Do online casinos really pay big winners? Well, yes. But it depends on the best online casino. And there are factors outside of pure luck that affect our chances of winning big. Today we’ll see if anyone has ever gotten lucky and won $1 million playing slots online. Or even more.

Huge Winners at Online Casinos

First, let me start with a disclaimer: We don’t know how much money any of these players have left after they hit their huge winnings. They may or may not be broke…

Bobby Baldwin – $300 million fortune – No One Ever Wins Over A Million Dollars Playing Slots

Bobby Baldwin is a retired airline pilot. He used the millions of dollars he earned during his career working on commercial airlines to buy best high roller casino machines around the world. In 1997, he placed 50 bets a day at one machine which resulted in a $300 million win. After retiring from his job, he became a full-time gambler.

Chris Moneymaker – $44 million fortune – Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Prodigy Who Won World Series Of Poker

Chris Moneymaker worked two jobs while attending college in Mississippi. His employer wasn’t happy with him and fired him. So, he took his savings and moved to Las Vegas to play poker. At 19 years old, he won his first tournament, earning $527,000. Since then, he’s had over 30 more tournament victories. He eventually grew tired of playing tournaments and decided to switch games to no-limit Texas hold ’em. By 2007, he’d amassed a fortune of $44 million. Even though his game changed quite literally overnight, his net worth remained steady because of his dedication, discipline, and ability to leverage his work ethic into opportunities in life.

John Kavner – $30.6 million fortune – Best Known For Winning Second Wsop Tournament

John Kavner is known for many things besides being a successful poker player. He’s also well-respected for his charity work and philanthropy. But most importantly, Mr. Kavner holds the record for becoming the youngest winner of a Wsop event and also one of the few people to accomplish this feat twice. Later, at 35 years old, he won another WSOP event making him the oldest winner of any major poker tournament up till that point. Additionally, he was also able to increase his wealth by more than half a billion dollars and ended 2008 as the 2nd richest poker player in the world.

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