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How To Know All The Potential Spammers With The Help Of IP Address?

If your business accidentally got into the spammers’ trap, do not become desperate as there is always a solution. When entering digital space many companies regardless of their size and experience tend to ignore one very simple though usually hidden danger – spam. This will never stop your website from functioning or will not get on the annual report as one of the reasons for sales decrease. However, it is here and it does gradually affect your business activities not in the most pleasant ways.

What makes spammers so dangerous is that unless you use a special software or service, you will never be able to identify such. Moreover, in case with large traffics, it will be simply impossible to go through all the comments or contact forms trying to find the results of spambot work. Therefore, many business have this crucial need to check spam by IP as this will help you to determine the presence of an IP address in the spam database and thus secure from further attacks.

Core Principles of IP Address Checks

When it comes to spam checks based on the IP address, there is one core principle to understand. Sometimes junk emails and alike activity stems from “usual” users with ordinary email address or IP address of a household. This disables email services to recognize a message or an email sent from such an address as such belonging to spam. Not to let this happen, anti-spam services compile lists email and IP spammers and constantly update them.

Below we will explain in more details how these databases work and protect your business activities:

  • automatic generation of blacklisted IP, email, domain addresses: this happens in the following way. Once a particular sender is identified as a spammer all his data adds on the list and gets 1 point for each spamming activity. Once there are 3 points, this sender’s IP is listed on the blacklist of IPs and therefore enters a database to which you may have an access;
  • protection from black SEO activities: given that some SEO companies tend to recourse to unfair SEO to promote the site and place links using spam, it is extremely important for you not to get into the trap. With the help of these services you will regularly get informed whether the SEO company you are working with acts in good faith or sets you at risk of losing credibility and getting penalties from search engines;

some SEO companies tend to recourse to unfair SEO to promote the site and place links using spam.

  • regular database updates: if you wish to simply get access to the full list of bad emails and IP, this is also an option offered by anti-spam services. Given that these usually receive information about spam attacks from 40-60 thousands of IP addresses per day, their data may help to keep tracks of these on your own.

For more tech news and stories then visit here. To wrap things up, everyone can become protected from the perils of the online world when takes appropriate action. In many case this action assumes cooperation with anti-spam services which are professionals in their field and know how to handle various spamming activities efficiently.

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