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Traveling to India: Tips and Advice

You are still on time to give yourself a super gift and go away to live an experience that will change your life. You still have time to find ticket to India and take advantage of the low season that is about to close.

India is a beautiful and exotic country that at this time of year will allow you to get involved in multiple festivals.

The Taj Mahal and the Rajasthan Desert will participate in some of the most spectacular celebrations of Indian culture such as Dushera or Durga Puja. These Hindu festivals are based on legendary tales where good spirits beat demons. These charming events last for ten days and after elaborating amazing idols of the Goddess, these are carried out along the river or lake. This is very impressive and bring us closer to a totally different way of viewing things.

India is a beautiful and exotic country that at this time of year will allow you to get involved in multiples festivals.

So, if you finally find the occasion and decide to visit India, I will give you some recommendations:

  • Forget all that you have heard and don’t read too much before you travel!!Make your own opinion!
  • Be cautious about meals. Indian gastronomy is exciting but hygiene is not so good. Bottled water and controlled meals if you don’ want to see the country from bed!
  • Keep your documentation in a safe and secure place! You are far from home and the idea is to get back safe and sound.
  • Get used to the fact that the bathroom is a hole at best. Carrying a roll of toilet paper always can be very helpful.
  • Be animal friendly. Don’t be surprised if you’re eating in a restaurant and a rat or a cockroach to be in the vicinity.
  • Don’t go looking for spirituality, try to connect anyway. Let everything flow and enjoy every moment. Whatever will be…will be. Don’t rush, relax, be very patience and try to get the best out of you!!!
George Lavas

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