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Must visit locations in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are home to some of the most luxurious and beautiful holiday destinations in the world. The archipelago is comprised of private resorts, unspoiled beaches, luxury hotels and an amazing culture. There are beachside nassau house rentals, yacht trips and snorkelling expeditions among the many options you have of things to do in this huge expanse of islands.

Most people come to the Bahamas to get involved with the luxury island life and what it has to offer. For that reason, I have dedicated this article to all the wonderful and exciting things that you can get up to when you visit the Bahamas. There is so much to do when you go further afield, and the Bahamas provide so much of that. You can visit water parks, dive with sharks, eat the freshest of fish and reach islands barely touched by human hands. These are some must visit locations in the Bahamas:


Ok, it may not be the real Atlantis, but it does its best to come close. Atlantis hotel and the entertainment complex are located on Paradise island. Not only does the luxury resort offer some of the best accommodation in the Bahamas it also contains a 141-acre aqua park filled with an abundance of thrill rides and a stunning marine park. This is one of the most ideal locations for families and those looking for a bit of extra fun. If you stay at the resort you are granted entry otherwise you must pay an entrance fee. But it is most definitely worth it.

You will find hammerhead sharks and plenty of different families of fish in the marine park while the rides range from lazy rivers to some extreme slides. This is a must do for those visiting nearby islands. Plan for a few hours but expect to stay the entire day.

The Exumas:

If you find yourself in the Bahamas, chances are it is because you have heard of these islands and cays. One reason for the Bahamas being such a rich area is because of cheap land prices and a great tax system. The Exumas are part of this reason. Many of the cays here are home to the rich and famous, privately owned exotic islands, what more could you ask for. But if you are like the rest of us then a visit or overnight stay in the area will suffice.

One of the biggest draws to the Exumas is the unspoiled nature of many of the islands and the abundance of marine life in the area. You will find all manner of sea life on a snorkel or scuba diving expedition to the area, with much of the region being protected from fishing and other harmful effects.

The best way to view the outer regions of the Exumas is to stay on either the Great or Little Exuma in which you will find accommodation to suit all needs. From here day trips or live aboard boats are easy to organize and you can see some of the most pristine waters in the world.

Both Exuma islands also have an abundance of shopping and food options. The best way to reach the island is the fly into Greater Exuma.

Long Island:

Like many of the lesser known islands of the Bahamas, Long island is a place of unspoiled beauty. With a name like Long island, it is quite easy to decipher the reason behind the name. At almost 130 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide, Long island boasts an abundance of natural contrasts for such a narrow area. The closest island to the United States contains rugged coastline that contains an abundance of wildlife making it particularly popular for divers and fishermen alike. Again, like many secluded areas in the region the best way to reach the island is by liveaboard boat or to fly although the latter is quite expensive.

For those wanting to see untouched wildlife then this is the place for you.  The Long island regatta which the place during the summer is one of the best times to visit the region. There are a host of activities taking place in which you can enjoy the splendour of this magnificent location.


Although we said there is plenty to see outside of this city it is still worth mentioning some of the things that you can do here. Being the capital, you can be sure to find accommodation for your needs and an endless supply of tour operators offering you trips throughout the Bahamas be it a day trip or liveaboard cruise.

Nassau the capital of the Bahamas is usually not what people look for when they come to the Bahamas. It has a city feel with a Bahamian vibe something that attracts visitors year-round. You can find everything you are looking for in Nassau, luxury resorts, great shopping and easy access to the rest of the Bahamas.

Paradise island is just a short trip away. This is a great option for a day trip or for alternative accommodation if Nassau isn’t what you are looking for.

The list here is just a short snippet of everything that you can get up to in the Bahamas. Be sure to add a few to your list and make your own as well as it is the Bahamas you want to maximize your time and ensure your budget doesn’t go over too much.

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