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What kind of cotton is best for sewing?

Cotton is one of the most universal sewing materials. It can be used with practically every kind of clothing – blouses, trousers, coats, dresses but also while making linens and coverlets.

Cotton was used by ancient Egiptians and was treasured especially to exchange while bartering.

Cotton and its properties

Cotton is gathered from the seeds of Gossypium and is widely known to be one of the most natural fibers. It is very resistant to stretching, and while it is wet it can increase its reliability up to 30%. Cotton is widely known from its steam-absorbing properties without the actually becoming wet. It is worth mentioning that cotton can come in a variety of thicknesses. Thin cotton fabric will be less warm in contrast to a thick one. It is a great choice for those who suffer from allergy as cotton is non-sensitizing and rarely causes any allergic reactions.

Cotton, like every material also has its drawbacks but the advantages certainly outcome the disadvantages. Cotton is not much of a resilient fabric so it tends to crease while being used. Aside from this it is also less moisture-resistant than other materials.

Wishing to sew a cotton dress, coverlet for a sofa, of just a simple dress one has to know what cotton to choose and what kinds of fibre are available on the market. Cretonne is widely used in production of almost every kind of human clothing, including the newborn garments and linens. It has a canvas braid braid and proves to be very light and soft. Satin is very treasured among the users of cotton for its elegance and is mostly chosen as a great linen material. Gabardine can be distinguished from other kinds of cotton by its specific crosswise braid. it has flax-like properties and will be a great deal for everyday clothing.

It is wort paying attention to high grade cotton such as the one offered by The quality comes hand in hand with a lovely look and durability of the final product. Not every kind of cotton would fit the desired project, so don’t forget about the tips above!

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