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Do Men Use Hairdryers As Much As Women?

Welcome to the 21st century where men take great pride in looking after themselves as much (or more so) than women. Gone are the days when men typically walk down the street in their scruffs looking grubby from their heavy labouring day. Men are looking slick and more dapper than ever (and too right)!With the rise of entrepreneurial men (and women) we can see that more time, effort and attention is being cultivated into our appearance.

But men? Hairdryers? Really? Oh yes. And here is why.

Blow drying your hair lays firm foundations for styling. It is like prepping the hair for the next steps. It is easier to handle and control and stays in line with what you are wanting to achieve for your hair on that day.

Bad hair day?

Not now you blow dry! It will also help you get a slick morning routine. Routine is key. Key for the mind and the day ahead. Yes, you will need to add a little extra time into your routine as you know it but it will totally be worth it. You will feel much better for it. A big feeling of confidence will be sure to encapsulate your whole persona. And who doesn’t want to be and feel more confident hey?!

Do you have curly hair?

Well, blow drying can help tame it. Yes, blow drying is great for curly hair in particular. A lot of sleek and straight looking hair comes from the blow drying technique. A small round brush and a blow dryer can do wonders for taming those locks.

A key tip here; long strokes through the hair (following the hair with the brush alongside the hairdryer, keeping the blow dryer as close to the hair whilst doing so).


Once your hair is dry, it is all yours to style with your hands and look as dapper as ever. Give it a whirl and see for yourself. It’s easy and once you get the hang of it your hair-drying flow will be on fire! Let’s talk again about confidence. Confidence is life’s enabler. If you are confident you can soar. So let’s increase your confidence.

Another top tip; use a heat defence spray or product to protect and strengthen your hair.

Your appearance and how you feel about the way you look affects your confidence levels for sure. You can also get travel hair dryers for men which are compact and effective!

Looking great. Feeling great.  Feeling great increases confidence no end.

Perfect your hair. Have a perfect day!!! Let’s sing *Ohhhh it’s such a perfect day…* (insert music notes here)! (Dropped this in especially for those Lou Reed fans or those of you who are a little younger and know the song from BBC’s Children In Need)!

Anyhow back on track. Having that blow dried hair may just enable you to stand a little taller. Hold your head a little higher. Walk a little smoother. Confidence results in getting things done. If you feel good about the way you look, it’ll reflect in the day ahead for you and everything that you are wanting to achieve that day too.

Having that blow dried hair may just enable you to stand a little taller. Hold your head a little higher. Walk a little smoother.

So go aHEAD (pun intended) and blow dry your hair!

To conclude, yes men use hairdryers (and no it’s shouldn’t be deemed camp or egotistical). Men take great pride in their appearance, just as women do (and some men now spend longer than women with their daily grooming routine). And why not? Let’s not ridicule men for this, let’s appreciate and congratulate. After all equality is what we strive and stand for.

Happy blowdrying days fellas!!!

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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