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A journey from Dublin to Killarney? This popular route can be a quick experience: it takes just over an hour by plane, just over three hours by train and about four hours by car.

But again, you should consider making driving for a whole day. Because it can be a trip, considering some famous Irish sights, shops, and some curiosity.

Just make sure to search and find right type of car rental for the trip. There are different type of features in car like manual or automatic, air conditioning, GPS navigation systems, and baby seats etc. Another thing you can’t miss, that is, car insurance. None of the car rental companies in Ireland will provide you car without additional coverage.

None of the car rental companies in Ireland will provide you car without additional coverage.

You can also find and compare car insurance quote online and choose the one which suites you best. I got the best deal from The AA car insurance along with many other benefits. So just make sure to insure your car before starting the trip.

The Museum of Style Icons

After leaving the M50 and traveling for almost 30 km, take the M7, exit 10 towards Newbridge. Get off here, drive to Newbridge and then to Newbridge Silverware. If you do not want to shop here or grab a snack in the excellent cafeteria, go straight to the “Museum of Style Icons” – a strange and wonderful experience.

The Historic City of Kildare

About ten minutes later, leave the M7 and exit at Junction 13 of Kildare. Here is a real selection of activities. The most obvious is to take a look at the city of Kildare, a historic site associated with Ireland’s Greatest Saint, Brigid of Kildare, Abbess, Bishop and possibly Goddess.

As you stroll through Kildare, easy due to the small size of the city, you will often remember Brigid: the works of art and the facilities of your memory are scattered throughout the city. But his presence is (perhaps) felt most strongly in the Cathedral of Santa Brigida, which dominates the center anyway.

The Irish National Stud and The Japanese Gardens

The great attraction of visitors here (apart from the real horse races, County Kildare is the zero point for sports in Ireland), remains the Irish National Stud, a stallion farm that ruled with a museum. Forests and a stunning Japanese garden., An excellent place for lovers of horses and nature and a vision of the peculiarity of the “science” of horse s. The exhibition on astrological influences that once caught the eye is nothing but funny.

The Kildare Village Outlet Center

However, there is another big attraction in the neighborhood (which can attract more women): Kildare Village, an epic-sized distribution center near the highway. If you travel light but with large suitcases (and bags), you can stop here too. On offer are, among others, products from Armani, Barbour, Boss, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Crabtree & Evelyn, Diesel, DKNY, Escada, Hawk and more.

The Rock Of Cashel

After about an hour you will reach exit 7 and leave the M8 towards Cashel. Follow the signs to the famous Rock of Cashel. One of the most impressive historical sites in Ireland (though the best view of the entire attraction is by far the best) and it is definitely worth a stop at all costs. The stony outcrop was the traditional seat of the kings of Münster until Muirchertach Ua Briain gave it to the church in 1101.

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