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How to Sleep Together in Bed: 5 couples sleeping tips


It is not a big deal to sleep with a woman. It is much more difficult to SLEEP together literally and not to rob her of a good night sleep.

It is a well-known fact that sleep is a selfish thing. So don’t share it with anybody. Or share it wisely…  If you think that sleeping with a woman is good if it includes sex, probably, you haven’t experienced a good night sleep together.

A recent study has shown that people who share a bed with someone else are likely to wake up at night twice more often than those who sleep alone.

Why? First of all, sleeping together feels tight and poking. Your bed becomes your enemy. You feel like you don’t have enough space. Thus, a double bed has twenty centimeters less space than a bed for kids. Besides, your partner is likely to kick you while sleeping and snore. So what should a couple do to have a good night sleep?

  1. You are snoring (or sniffling).

Trust me snuffing is cute as long as you don’t disturb your girl at night. Thus, if snoring or sniffing is a problem for your couple, try sleeping sidelong. Do some breathing exercises, as well.  Regular exercises help people to reduce snoring by 36%. For example, place the tip of the tongue against the roof and push, going back in the direction to the throat. Don’t forget about technical devices. Today you can buy a great nasal device like Max-Air Nose Cone to ease your breathing, not to mention old mouth guards against snoring.

  1. One of you is rolling around on the bed all the time.

You need a REALLY big bed. Or a giant mattress. Two by two, for example. Thus, both will have enough space for your night “leg swings”. Here is an expensive way out: consider buying a memory form mattress – it immerses the body gently so that you don’t need to change the position while dreaming frequently. And here is a cheap way out: consider buying a long body pillow to divide your bed into 2 zones and create some sort of a barrier between you and your girl. Some even advise to get into a thin sleeping bag, but it seems like an overuse for me.

  1. You do not get enough sleep

Two. Separate. Beds. This is your way out. It does not sound romantic, but a good sleep is worth the sacrifice, trust me. By the way, studies have shown that married men who have no problems with sleep are more satisfied with their family life. Therefore, roll around together before going to bed and move to your separate sleeping place. Once you wake up, lie down together for a while. Physical intimacy is the cornerstone of good relationships.

  1. She sleeps on your hand making it numb

Hugging has some obvious physiological advantages: it produces oxytocin, decreases cortisol level… However, waking up in the middle of the night with the numb hand under her neck does not feel pleasant at all. If you don’t want a part of your body to become numb, try a “spoon” position (back to back). It just great for couples, as your hands are safe and the physical contact is present, which means that oxytocin continues to work. French researchers, for example, say that this hormone makes men believe that their woman is better and more beautiful than somebody else, which is good for your relationships.

  1. She can barely hold her eyes open, while you are wide awake

Your chronotypes may not coincide – it is a common issue for couples to experience. You are an owl, and she is a lark. IT is difficult to change your nature even if you want to. In this case, it is important to go to bed without fights. Let her go to sleep whenever she wants. Simply promise to join her later. In fact, waking up together is much more important than falling asleep.

This article was written with the help of our friends from Brides Dating.

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