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Harry Styles: The singing fashion icon

harry styles

In 2010, Harry Styles started as a cheeky wannabe singer on the platform of X Factor. But he has now been transformed into a full-fledged singer, and a fashion inspiration across the globe. His fashion transformation came as soon as he became a star in the world of music. Without any doubts, Harry styles has a wardrobe to die for. Cool retro, vintage, bohemian? Name it and he has surely nailed all these styles.

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However, Harry Styles rocks fashion better than any other singer. Saint Laurent shirts, Gucci suits alongside skinning scarves, ankle boots and skin-tight jeans suit Harry Styles. His impressive collection of outerwear such as shearling aviator jacket or painted bomber jacket only add to his charm. However, the One Direction member did not always flaunt this type of style. In his audition on X Factor, he wore a white shirt and grey cardigan. His hair was short and curly, which is very different from now.

During the X Factor series, he was seen mostly in joggings, coloured hoodies and gilets, accompanied by a suit for the Live shows. He slowly moved to stylish outfits after winning the X Factor competition. He started with a chic look which consisted of beanie hats, skinny jeans and white shirts. In 2013, Styles’ way of dressing started to grow into a style icon status. His original style shows individuality, and inspiration of his peers and fans of all age.

Now, we see him in brown leather jackets, collar shirts, slim tux jackets… which is more of a 60s-dressing style which makes him look hotter. His black pants are often seen patterned with endless type shirts. What is great about Harry Styles is that he keeps changing his look. For instance, in most of his current music videos, he is decked out in polka dot shirts, man jewellery, vintage shirts, leopard print knits, Saint-Laurent ankle boots, head scarves, checked shirts and trilby hats.

Some of his best worn outfits are: Lanvin red and black complete suit

Some of his best worn outfits are: Lanvin red and black complete suit for 2014 British Fashion Awards, Leopard shirt with skinny jeans for Burberry Runway Fun and White shirt and green jacket for Spring Summer 2013 Show. But we’re sure this will be changing!

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