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Online Casino Tricks

The casino industry is vast and amazing stretching from the bright neon lights of Vegas city to the virtual world. Whereas the attractive lights from Mecca seem to be amazing, its online counterpart is more with a plethora of casino games, bonuses and promotions, and other interesting features.

One of the most appealing aspects to players in online casino gambling is that the games are straightforward. The games are easy to learn and play. But it is easy to find yourself on the wrong side if you are not sure of what you are doing. That is why it is important to understand the gameplay if you want to make the most out of online gambling. No one is happy at losing his/her hard-earned money because of failing to follow certain rules or terms.

In the following casino guide, we have listed the best tricks you can apply to any casino game ranging from online slots, Blackjack to Keno, Roulette, Craps and Video Poker.

General Casino Gambling Tips and Tricks

Read and understand the rules of any game before you start gambling. Ignoring the game rules will lead to mistakes and losses.

You must understand that online gambling is all about luck, you can win or lose at any moment. That is why it is important to play with your bankroll at the back of your mind.

Remember to use only reputable gambling sites with fast payouts and customer support team. Do not use a site that takes weeks to get a paper check or bank wire transfer.

Online gambling is all about luck, you can win or lose at any moment.

Ignore the naysayers who are constantly baptizing online casino sites as rogue or scam without a substantial proof.

If you want to reduce the house edge, we recommend that you stick to table games and video poker. Never chase your loses because, in the long run, you will lose more than you had lost before. Do not put 100% of your trust in the betting systems because most of them do not really work as they are portrayed.

Always join 2 or 3 online casino sites to enjoy a vast co-action of games as well as increasing your chances of winning big. Take advantage of free casino games until you get the hang, strategies for the game you are playing.

Use online gambling sites with the highest overall theoretical return to the player percentage ranging between 97% to 99%. This means that the casino will only get between 1%-2% of all the money that has been wagered.

Never chase your loses because, in the long run, you will lose more than you had lost before.

Blackjack Tricks

Blackjack is one of the most played online casino game because it has the lowest house edge. However, in order to win any blackjack game, need to understand the rules and how to apply them. Players who master the rules of the game enjoy a house edge of about 1% but those who ignore, get an edge of 1%. Since Blackjack is a game of skill, you need to have some tips and tricks at the tips of your fingers in order to win.

  • Never split Two 10s. For example, in a situation where a hand totals a value of 20.
  • Study the basic Blackjack strategy.
  • Always double down when the time is right.
  • Learn how to play both soft and hard hands.
  • Always take a hit with an 11 or less.
  • Do not split Two 5s.
  • Do not take insurance.
  • Allow the dealer to bust.

Roulette Tricks

Roulette is a game with much heritage as it dates back hundreds of years when shields were spun to determine the life of people in villages and towns. There are multiple roulette variations with the main ones being American, European, and French roulette variants. Multiple elaborate strategies and betting systems have been devised to beat the game but unfortunately, only a couple have managed to bear fruits. Here is the list of the top tricks that will help you to win any roulette variation.

  • Play variants with Surrender or En Prison.
  • Always chose a game with a single zero wheel because the house edge is low at 2.70% whilst the ones with double zeros have an edge of 5.26%.
  • Set up a 401G account.
  • Play in a leisurely manner.
  • Always play within your bankroll limits.
  • Always bet on Low because you win if the results fall on numbers between 1 and 12.
  • Betting on Medium will result in a win if the result is any number ranging between 13 and 24.
  • Bet on High because you will beat the game if the resulting number lies between 25 and 36.

Baccarat Tricks

Baccarat is a fun game but the most asked question is how to win. Our answer to this common question is short and simple. Call it quits once you are ahead of a certain amount. The game entails placing of blind bets on one either of the outcome on any hand. We have compiled a list of the best trick to increase your odds of winning in this titillating game of luck.

  • Never place a tie bet.
  • Always bet on the banker until they lose.
  • Play with a goal and stick to it.
  • Always play short sessions.
  • Do not buy the idea of Baccarat betting systems.
  • Place your bets logically.
  • Take advantage of the bonus offers.
  • Always keep an eye on the odds.
  • Slow down your roll.
  • Create a realistic bankroll management plan.

Online Slots Tricks

Slots are every online punter’s favorite game. They are packed with high-quality graphics, live animations, immersive soundtracks, special features and huge bonuses. It is important to understand that there are different variations of online slots, they include; classic slots, video slots, Mega Spin slots, Progressive slots, and Fruit Machines. Many players and slots experts have managed to come up with tricks to boost your chances of winning in your favorite slot game. But the greatest challenge for players is sifting through the hundreds of good and bad tricks available.

  • Set a manageable budget and always stick to it.
  • Do not waste time on chasing your losses.
  • Take advantage of the free spins offers.
  • Use the casino bonuses and promotions wisely.
  • Play free slots before going for real money slots.
  • Do not rush in your game.
  • Play jackpot slot games if you want to win big.

Video Poker Tricks

Video poker is a popular casino game based on five-card drawer. If you are looking for a game of skill with a low house edge, progressive jackpots and multiple opportunities of winning, there is no any better option other than video poker. We gathered a list of the best trick and tips to help you become a professional poker punter. Before you rush into learning the tricks of beating the game, it is important to know the different variations of video poker. They include; Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Aces and Eights, Tens or Better, Deuces and Joker and Jokers Wild.

  • Prepare to play long sessions
  • Remember to keep it simple and bet your hands to the maximum.
  • Always begin by playing your low-stake poker game.
  • Familiarize with different aspects of playing video poker.
  • Start with a single table poker.
  • Take advantage of the free software functionality to the maximum.
  • Practice with free video poker.
  • Build your bankroll and avoid poker games with low progressive jackpots.
  • Remember to join the players club.

Craps Tricks

The game of online craps has gained popularity over the past years because it is full of entertainment. For you to make the most out of this dice game, you need to have an idea about crap’s gambling math. Although craps are simple to play, you need to have some tricks to increase your chances of winning.

  • Master the betting odds of the game.
  • Remember to avoid hard 4 and hard 10.
  • Play with the approach that suits you.
  • Understand the possible dice combinations.
  • Use the bonuses and comps to the max.
  • Learn the proper craps table etiquette.
  • Play with the streak.
  • Be consistent in your game.
  • Do not forget the golden rule of bankroll management.

Keno Tricks

Similar to other online casino games, Keno is a game of chance where players pick a number to place a wager on. Of all the Keno tips and tricks you will learn, the most important is to master the basics of the game.

  • Always play numbers in clusters.
  • Remember to play small numbers of spots.
  • Try to avoid playing maximum spots.
  • Practice with the free games.
  • Go for a higher payout lounge.
  • Try to apply the Yin/Yang theory.
  • Try playing with the fewer number during each game round.
  • Choose games with progressive jackpots.
  • Play with multi-race cards.


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