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Dancing Down Memory Lane: The Best Musical Movies Ever

You can tell from casinos en ligne en france slot games that music always makes a huge difference in anything. When it comes to Hollywood, musical movies have always been a hit in the movie industry. That is why you find that Broadway is one of the most respected areas in film and performing arts.

Therefore, in that light, we are going to be giving you our list of the best musical movies ever made. And, in case you have missed them out, go ahead and start binge watching right now.

Pitch Perfect

We never knew that acapella can make you drop one or two moves. This 2012 movie will give you a whole new angle to the world of acapella. And, the best part is that it will have you rolling down with laughter while at it.

In this movie, you will get to follow the life of Beca and how she gets to adapt to college life. But, the highlight of it all is her joining an all-girl acapella group. This movie comes with so many musical surprises, fun parts and sequels too!


This 2016 musical will make all those who shun cartoons love them, you will definitely be saying; “I don’t like cartoons but I love Sing.” The movie has some of the best vocals when it comes to musical movies. Did know that casino games players would rather watch this movie than, playing for real money. Additionally, you will get to experience a whole mixture of emotions from love, a little bit of action and some hilarious parts.

In an animal world, you will get to see different animals showcase their musical talent. It will give you a whole new outlook to the theater and performing arts world.


This 1978 movie will surely never get out of style. The movie did not only impact on the musical part, but it also brought out a lot of fashion statements. Get to witness a young John Travolta play the character of a bad boy who falls in love with a good girl. You might get to learn one or two dance moves while at it too.

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