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Jackets and Overcoats

A Few Jackets and Overcoats for This Fall

denim jacket

photo: GQ

Wearing shirts and sweaters is easy. But when it comes to overcoats and jackets, most guys screw this up… big time. In fact, some of them avoid wearing them (and risk getting a cold) just because they don’t know how.

In what follows I’m going to give you a few quick suggestions of trendy jackets and overcoats that are suitable for autumn (and spring, of course).

Some of them you may know already. But I want to put them all in once place, so you can come back to this article anytime you need to.

The leather jacket

Also my favorite during spring and autumn, the leather jacket is a staple of men’s style. There is no way you can screw up by wearing a black or brown leather jacket.

Don’t let the casualty of this jacket fool you. You can wear it with chinos, khakis or even suit trousers – it will look great every time.

The Harrington Jacket

The name might not ring a bell but this jacket is ubiquitous (and has been for decades). You’ll see most guys wearing one and yes, most of the times is poorly matched to the rest of the outfit.

Although it doesn’t stand out too much, you can make it look good by carefully choosing the right items of clothing (and colors and patterns, of course, we covered that).

For instance, the jacket below works well with light blue and medium blue dress shirts.

foto: alexkwa.com

You’ll know a Harrington jacket when you see one by it’s colored lining. The ones I showed you had red tartan lining but the one I own, for instance, has white and blue stripes.

Try to keep the jacket away from rain if you can. In rainy days it’s best to wear a leather jacket or a trench coat as they offer much better protection.

The Denim Jacket

You might find the denim jacket to be childish. Don’t underestimate it. While most guys wear it with a pair of jeans (which looks kind of dumb if you ask me), such a jacket will look great if you know how to match it.

The Sports Jacket

The sports jacket and the blazer an be extremely stylish along with shirts, henley shirts, t-shirts and so on. I matched mine (in the photo above) with a green braided belt but there are unlimited ways to wear it.

I spoke a lot about the sports jacket and I bet you already know a few basic ways to wear it. So i’m not going to go deeper here, in this article. It suffices to know that a sports jacket is a great option for the office and even some business meetings (except for the more important ones where you’ll need a suit).

The Trench Coat

foto: gap.com

I already spoke about the trench here (where I also have more pictures).

This overcoat is perfect for rainy days. In fact, it is MADE for such days. get a quality trench and it will last you a lifetime.

Be careful not to wear it during winters, though, it won’t do much to keep you warm.

All right, these were my recommendations. Ideally, you want one of each (if you have the budget). If not, you can get them all, one by one, in time.

George Lavas

George is dedicated to fashion and style for men. Based in the UK, George enjoys writing about lifestyle and fashion from both sides of the pond. George created BeStylish.org to help readers create a strong sense of style with minimum effort believing that everyone can look and feel good, all day, every day.

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